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Let's Play Final Fantasy 8!

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 02.12.2013 4:44pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 02.12.2013 at 9:26pm)

Let's Player

Ok, I sorta started this one a while back now, but I thought you lot may want to check out it. I haven't posted an LP here for a while anyways, so...why not. Here's everything that I've done up until now.


Hey there everyone, here's the opening to my next series: Final Fantasy 8!

FF8 is a turn-based JRPG with random battles that was introduced to us all back in 1999. The characters, for the most part, are hugely entertaining to be around and the music is some of the best we've seen in an FF to date. This is the same for the cutscenes too, which are amazingly well-made from the get go.

FF8 was made for the PS1, but was later made available for the PC and, later still, over psn. So if you own a PS3, go download it now! It's only £8 for an all-time classic! (On time of writing, a FF sale is on the psn store, so you can get it for £4).

Anyways, regardless of all the positives this game has, it's one of the more marmitey (love it or hate it) FF games. Some people found the draw/junction system confusing (this won't be a problem for us throughout this series). Some people disliked the more realistic approach to the overall world and characters within. And some people didn't like the way that the monsters level up with you on the world map.
Still, I love it. And I'm hoping you will too!

Here's a link to wikipedia to find out more about Final Fantasy 8. I've had a read through and it seems pretty reliable and all that:

And here is the opening that I've recorded so that you can get a feel for it before I start tomorrow or the next day:

It's gonna be long. It's gonna be tough. But we can do it guys! I've been aching to lp an rpg for a long time now, and it's been a while since Eternal Sonata.

Anyways, this opening is the one shown when you don't press start or anything before the "New Game, Continue" main menu.

This entire game (including music, artwork, enemies, characters, and everything else) was made entirely by Square and not me. All that will be mine in this series is my commentary and playing.

See you in a bit! I can't wait to get started on this one! :)


Part 1 - Squall's Training

Hello people, this time around we have a very lengthy lp of Final Fantasy 8! We'll be kicking things off with the opening and seeing a bit of what Balamb Garden is all about. From the stunning scenery to the school aura, this episode introduces one of the best places of any Final Fantasy.

Also in this episode, we get introduced to both the main character (Squall) whose fight with Seifer (his school rival) has left him a bit injured and behind work-wise. Next up is the introduction of Quistis Trepe (the instructor). She's fun, and ever so young. This means two of our overall party are together, ready to take on the world!

Finally, we find out that we're so behind in our "schoolwork" that we have yet to complete the prerequisite for the field exam, so that's what we'll have to prepare for.

P.S. We find ourselves 2 GFs in this episode: Shiva and Quezacotl. Both are incredibly handy as you'll see throughout.

I hope you enjoy and I'll see you in the next episode!


Part 2 - The New Girl

Welcome back to Final Fantasy 8! This time around, we are left to explore Balamb Garden for a while, so intending to do this we head down the corridor. It looks like we are going to help show the new girl around though (optional), but that's not such a bad thing. With this, we head to the directory and find out that we can teleport anywhere within the Garden with it. We learn what each place is useful for, and make a move over to the library for a draw point.

We also have a go at triple triad, which...goes swimmingly. Finally we head on over to the front gate to meet Quistis, where we learn about junctioning our GFs. If we didn't get Shiva and Quezacotl earlier, then we would get them now.

And finally, we have a go at our first battle out on the field map. I show how to draw, attack and the special attack that Squall does if you time the R1 trigger press just as the blade hits the enemy. It's pretty tricky to get the time right, but once you figure it out, it's pretty amazing. Like a critical hit every turn with Squall.

So, see you in the next episode when we take on the Fire Cavern (the prerequisite for the field exam)!


Part 3 - A Fiery Prerequisite

Ok folks, it's time to take on that Fire Cavern that Quistis has been nagging us about, so let's get it done! It only takes this one episode, and that includes the boss and me showing you a few new enemies, so it's not so bad. The boss is incredibly interesting though...I don't think we've fought him since FF6?

Anyways, we get the cavern done within the time limit and head back to just outside Balamb Garden.

See you next time! :)


Part 4 - Zell's Balamb Town

Ok folks, this episode has us back at Balamb Garden after finishing the Fire Cavern! Within, we obtain a new party member (Zell Dincht), change our uniform and make our way to Balamb Town, on our way to the field exam!

In the town, we find our first Timber Maniacs magazine; I'm not really sure why you can collect them but...there we go. I also show you where the weapon shop is, ready for when we want to upgrade them. Although, by the time we upgrade them for the first time, we may have made it to the next weapon shop.

Anyways, see you in the next part when we start the field exam! It's a wee bit more exciting than the prerequisite...I'll not say any more ;)


Part 5 - Aiding Dollet

Hey there folks, it's finally time to make a start on the SeeD field exam! This section of the game is going to take a few episodes, but it's one of the better parts of the game, so it's fine ;) .

Anyways, this episode has us see how to switch junctions quickly from character to character, we take on plenty of galbadian soldiers who are trying to take over Dollet's comms tower, and we make it to the waiting area...

P.S. This is the only time we'll be able to use Seifer throughout the game. T'is quite unfortunate.


Part 6 - Here Comes Selphie!

Hey there folks, this episode takes us from the waiting area up to the Dollet Comms Tower. Along the way, we take on a mini-boss (Anacondaur) and find a new party member (Selphie).

That's right, the girl who was late to class and needed to be shown around back at Balamb Garden is now in our party :)

P.S. Jumping off cliffs is fun. See you again!


Part 7 - Elvoret On The Comms

Hey there folks, this episode has everything that goes on on top of Dollet's comms tower! This includes the fight against Biggs and Wedge, as well as Elvoret (boss). It takes a while, but the best way to fo all this is the following:

- Wait for Biggs' part to be over (defend/draw magic for a while)
- Take down Biggs and Wedge when they have both arrived (attack/magic/GF)
- Finish off Elvoret with GFs all the way. It'll hurt your seed rank a bit, but it's the easiest way.

Remember to draw Siren from Elvoret! It's a new GF and you won't get another chance to get her that I know of!
EDIT: Turns out there's a chance to get the GFs at the end, in the final dungeon. It's still better to get them along the way, but at least you can get them eventually :D .


Part 8 - Robot Spider On The Loose!

Hey there folks, it's time for the last of the SeeD field exam! While evacuating back to the beach, we get a surprise that'll make our trek a little bit more hazardous! X-ATM092...what a name :D

Possibly Quistis' best scene is in this episode, so look out for that! Who said all women were fragile...

Anyways, see you in the next episode when we see if we've passed...or if we've failed :(


Part 9 - Dancing As A SeeD

Hello there folks, it's time to find out if we passed the SeeD field exam! We also get to see the more understanding side of Seifer, and see that he's not so horrible as he makes out. Still a twat...but not quite so bad.

Finally, we go to the ball and get introduced to another new party member, but we don't get to learn her name yet. Still, it's an amazing bit of cinematics which shows how socially awkward Squall is and, afterwards, how self-centered he can be too.

See you next time when we head on over to see what Quistis wants!


Part 9b - Bonus Tests 1-9

Hello again, this part is completely optional and only shows the answers to the first 9 tests. Doing these will take your SeeD rank up each time and give you more money each time your wages come in.

Anyways, I left out the commentary, and we don't go any further, so this video is just for those who like their FF quizes or whatever.

See you for part 10 :)


Part 10 - Intensive Training

Hey there folks, this episode sees us head through the training center in Balamb Garden, meeting some grats and a t-rexaur along the way, and making it to the secret area, where Quistis wants a word. As you'd expect from Squall though, he doesn't listen to a word and has no sympathy for Quistis' new predicament.

Afterwards, we head back out of the training center via another route and encounter an easy boss along the way (Granaldo). We also see the mysterious woman again from the very start of the game and make it to the exit.

See you again :)


Part 11 - Gravity Maker

Ok folks, this episode has a few little things going on. We find the Weapons Monthly April magazine in our new dorm room, so we can make some new weapons. We also find out about our first ever SeeD mission, where we have to head on over to Timber to meet the Forest Owls. Finally, we get an optional GF (Diablos) my fighting an optional boss (Diablos) ;)

Thanks for watching folks! See you again :)


Part 12 - Laguna, Kiros And Ward

Hello there peoples, this episode has us find the train to Timber and has a surprise visit to the dream world. It's pretty strange and confusing at this point (and it still confuses me a bit later on) but it really keeps you interested and guessing.

Laguna, Kiros and Ward are all members of the galbadian army, who has been our enemy up until this point (in Dollet at least), so to see the army from a party member's perspective is a good way to see that they aren't all evil conmen with patches and hooks, and are just following orders from higher up.

See you next time when we finish off the 1st dream world! :)


Part 13 - Play Me A Song, Oh Piano Woman!

Hey there folks, here's the rest of the first dream world! Laguna, Kiros and Ward get to have a bit of a break for now, but I'm sure Laguna is more nervous about this part than his normal missions :D . Will he get Julia, or will his nerves get the better of him?

By the end, we finish the dream and find that we have made it to Timber and get to meet the Forest Owls (a resistance group against the president's ideals) by giving them the correct password. It doesn't really matter if you get it wrong first time or anything, just try again.

See you tomorrow, when we find out what the Owls want from us and we make a good start on it!


Part 14 - Playing With Trains

Hello people, it's time to start our first SeeD mission, and we're given quite a biggy: to confront President Deling while he's on the train. This involves swapping loads of trains around while they're on the tracks, as well as confronting him about what the Forest Owls disagree with. All of the mission briefing is in here too, but it's pretty fun to watch this time around.

If you complete the train passcodes both times without getting caught even once, then you'll get a boost to your SeeD rank level (so you'll get a bigger wage). Let's see if I can do that, shall we

Also, I should probably mention that this episode is pretty cutscene heavy, which is certainly a good thing in my eyes, but some people may not think so. They're pretty epic cutscenes, even if they shouldn't be in theory

See you next time when we actually confront him and see how that goes!


Part 15 - President Gerogero

And hello again! This episode has the rest of the train mission, which involves
confronting the president, only to find that there are 2 bosses in a row to take on:

President Deling - Just draw a bit if you need the magic. Otherwise take him down however you prefer; he's incredibly easy. GFs are faster, but isn't that always the case?

Gerogero - With this guy, healing moves are best. Use a phoenix down to kill him in one, but it may miss. I stick to fighting him full on to show you guys that it isn't that hard. Look out for his zombie attack, as well as blind, silence and sleep. You should probably just go all out with GFs, once again, but attacks and using cure on him is good too. Also: limit breaks.

After all this train stuff is done, we decide that we need to head to the train station to see about confronting president Deling for real this time. Along the way to there, we check out the Timber Maniacs HQ (where there's a hidden blizzaga draw point, a girls next door mag and a timber maniacs magazine), enter the house next door to see that there's a back ally that leads to the tv station, we take on a few of the local enemies that are in the town hunting us (probably for trying to assault the president or something) and we make it to the pub. The drunk man :/

We save out back ready to take on the tv station in the next episode! See you there! :)


Aaaaaand done *relief* . Sorry about the long post folks, but at least it's all here now :$

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
Luigi's Mansion (Completed!) - Link
My main youtube page: Link

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 02.12.2013 6:39pm

Formerly Furysetzer

I can't remember if you can blow through this game with barely leveling up. Aren't the low level playthroughs quicker than trying to acquire everything as you come across it?

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 02.12.2013 9:24pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 02.12.2013 at 11:07pm)

Let's Player

Coolsetzer said:

I can't remember if you can blow through this game with barely leveling up. Aren't the low level playthroughs quicker than trying to acquire everything as you come across it?

Leveling up isn't really necessary no. It helps though, 'cause you get to put those abilities like "Strength Bonus, Magic Bonus" etc to good use. It's more about the junctioning and putting your limits to good use I think. It probably depends on your playing style :)


Here's part 16 folks! Introducing The Sorceress

Hey there folks, for the start of this episode, we head back to the petshop, which I somehow missed when we went past earlier. There, we get some Pet Pals magazines (3 and 4). Then we head on over to the TV station to find that Seifer is ready to take the president hostage (with Quistis in tow, trying to save the day), while Rinoa is having a strop on about not being taken seriously about her resistance faction. A bit more goes on, but that's in the video :p

After the tv station, we need to hide from the galbadian army 'cause we were involved in the whole hostage thing...they're so sensitive :/ . Anyways, we hide away with the help of the Forest Fox (another resistance faction in Timber) and get our train tickets to leg it out of here.

See you next time when we give that a go :)

P.S. This is the episode where we first meet the sorceress. She doesn't seem all that bad yet...

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 02.14.2013 2:52pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 17 - Dream A Little Dream

Hello there folks, what we have here is the an episode that provides quite a bit of progress. First off, we leave Timber and board the train heading to Galbadia Garden. After the bit of dialogue on there, we go through the recommended forest, but we're not leaving until our party has fallen asleep and seen some more of Laguna, Kiros and Ward again. Once that's over, we leave the forest and save just outside of Galbadia Garden.

NOTE: There's an enemy called Blood Soul in this area that sort of looks like a floating, grey brain. Draw as much zombie magic from it as you can with all 3 characters in order to get a lot more max health. They're pretty easy to run across just outside Galbadia Garden.

NOTE 2: I'm pretty sure all the optional stuff is done in the dream, such as laying traps and grabbing the key. This will add some extra draw points and stuff later when our main party heads through the caverns/caves :)

See you next time folks :)

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 02.15.2013 10:15pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 18 - Galbadia's Sharpshooter

Ok folks, this part is all about our visit to Galbadia Garden! Within, we get things sorted about the president's hostag-taking, see that Fujin and Raijin are fine and are looking for Seifer (where could he possibly be? :D ) and we get our last party member (Irvine Kineas). His limit break is pretty handy, but you have to make sure to keep your ammo stocked up when you visit shops, if you want to use him a lot. All you have to do for his limits is choose an ammo type and repeatedly press R1.

Finally, we head off to the (last ever?) train that will take us to Deling City! See you in the next episode when we see how that goes! :)

P.S. Sorry about missing the cinematics introducing us to Galbadia Garden. I accidentally walked into the place when leveling while not recording. Nothing happens at all, other than a different camera angle of the garden and a few things flying around :(

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 02.17.2013 12:59am
Thread Creator (Edited on 02.17.2013 at 10:09pm)

Let's Player

Part 19 - My Dream City

Ok folks, it's time to take our last train out of Galbadia Garden and towards Deling City! This place always reminded me of Treno from FF9, 'cause of the eternal darkness and the music sorta sounds similar.

During our time at Deling, we have a look around before heading to Caraway Mansion, where the guard/butler tells us to head to the Tomb of the Unknown King to find a code, in order to see General Caraway. And with that we head on over to just that place.

See you in the next episode when we find that code, and make a start (and finish) the entire optional (for the most part) dungeon :)

Part 20 - The Brothers' Tomb

Hello there peoples, with us arriving at the Tomb of the Unknown King in the last episode, it's time to make a start on it!

We first head in and grab the code that we were sent here to get, which is right at the entrance. Then we start the optional part, which will end in us obtaining the earth GF: Brothers. Here's how to get them:

- From the entrance, turn right at every opportunity. This will lead you to the first brother, who will challenge you to a boss fight. He's simple enough, but his auto-regen will mean that you will want to either stick to limits or GFs.

- After this, leave the room and turn right at every opportunity again, just like before. This time, you will arrive at a room with some kind of chain thing. Press x around by the chain.

- Leave the room and turn right at every opportunity once again, and you'll end up in another room with a cog/chain thing. Press x near it again.

- Leave the room and head back to the entrance. Now head back into the dungeon and go straight until you reach the 2nd boss of the tomb, which is both brothers together (this isn't how I did it in the video). GFs are the best way to go, but you may want to draw some good magic first before you start fighting. Also, Float might be a good option to avoid some of their earthy moves ;)

- Leave the tomb.

And there we have it folks, the tomb is all done and we can now head back to Deling City, ready for the last (and imo the best part) of disk one: the sorceress assassination.

See you next time! :)

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 02.18.2013 5:15pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 21 - Caraway's Orders

Hey there folks, this episode has the start of the sorceress assassination mission, or at least the mission briefing for it. Considering a lot of it is story-based, I don't want to put too many spoilers here in the description, so give it a look. We'll be starting the mission properly next time :)

P.S. The remixed song at the start was made by DJYuzoboy, so it wasn't made by me or anything. The song before being remixed was from the TV show "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and was sung by Will Smith. The rest of the song was naturally from FF8 already (from Deling City where we are).

DJYuzoboy's channel can be found here:

I'm not too sure if the song fits completely with the lp, although I hope it does. I wanted to try something different and have the walk back to the mansion be a bit less repetitive for you guys :)

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 02.19.2013 6:07pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 22- Rinoa Tries Harder

Hey there folks, this episode sees the major implications that Quistis' shouting has had on the mission; it's time for things to start royally messing up!

Quistis decides she should head back to Rinoa and apologise, while being followed by Selphie and Zell. Problem is, that Rinoa has gone off to take on Sorceress Edea on her own...leaving Quistis' party locked away in the mansion when they should be at the gateway! The sewers seem to be the only way out...

Will Rinoa win against Edea? What are Iguions? What's the big shock about our main villain (President Deling) in this episode? Watch and see! :D

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 02.20.2013 11:50pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 02.21.2013 at 1:18pm)

Let's Player

Part 23- Sniper Team vs Iguions

Ok folks, let's carry on with the assassination! Quistis and co find their way out of the mansion, only to be stuck in the sewers with a load of Creepers 0_0. These Creepers can drop an item that will teach Quistis a new limit break, but we're too unfortunate to get one of those right now. You can also draw Life magic from them, which is incredibly useful for both junctioning and using (it revives characters from KO).

While this is happening, the real action is starting out on the city surface! Edea leaves the palace (or whatever you call it) on her float and starts the celebrations! While the palace gates are open, the sniper team (Squall and Irvine) sneak in amongst the crowds. It's time for them to save Rinoa from the Iguions folks!

Iguions strategy:
- Don't use fire, because it won't work. This includes Ifrit.
- Just use other GFs, attacks and limit breaks.
- Make sure to draw Carbuncle from them! It's a new GF that will put your party in Reflect for a while.
- If a character is petrified, make sure to use Esuna on that character straight away! Draw and cast Esuna from an Iguion if you like. If both of your characters are petrified, you lose the battle.

See you in the next episode, when we wrap this whole assassination up :)


Part 24 - Assassinations In Spades

Hey there folks, this is the last episode of the assassination, and of disk 1! Will Quistis and co make it through the sewers and back to the gatehouse in time? Will the sniper team shoot Edea as planned? I guess this next part is a bit of a spoiler on that front :/

Seifer Strategy:
- Easy boss, just attack, GF, limits. Make sure to heal Squall if he needs it (draw and cast if necessary).

Edea Strategy:
- Draw some Curas for a better form of healing.
- Cast Carbuncle if you like, to reflect her magic back, but she'll use Dispel to break through this.
- As usual, attack, GF, Limits.

See you in the next episode when we'll see how our party got on...maybe ;)

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 02.22.2013 5:51pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 25 - Monster Hunting In Winhill

Hey there folks, it's time for a pretty slow start to disk 2. We have our 3rd dream here, where Laguna has given up his job as a soldier and is now a monster hunter in the quiet, rural town of Winhill. Kiros comes to help for this round, to keep the monsters out of the village too.

Laguna seems to be living with Raine and Ellone now, and is getting really close to them. Also, Julia is out of the picture now, as she's with General Caraway (could their daughter be Rinoa?). Doesn't look like the villagers much like Laguna though...telling him to leave and all :(

Anyways, not much else to say for this one. See you next time when we wake up and check up on our main party. ;)

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 02.23.2013 8:30pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 02.24.2013 at 7:43pm)

Let's Player

Part 26 - Fists Are Handy

Hello there folks, it's time to get back to our main party and see what they've been up to since the assassination attempt! First up, we see that Zell, Quistis, Selphie and Rinoa are fine. That is, until Rinoa is taken away by the guards of the prison we seem to be stuck in (D-District Prison). We also see some of Squall, who is currently being tortured by Seifer and some guards (how'd he even live? Anybody know?).

We also make friends with a moomba (...not goomba :/) and hear that Zell was dreaming too, even though we didn't see it. Turns out that he was Ward and that Ward worked in this very prison as a janitor (how conveniant!). So because Zell saw the prison layout a bit, he goes off to get their weapons and our trio escapes from the cell.

See you next time when we make a start on what is easily my least favourite area in the entire game. You never know, we might find out how Irvine is doing too... ;)

Part 27 - Galbadia's Desert Prison

Hey there folks, now it's time to start the D-District Prison properly. First off, we have a simple boss to take care of (Biggs and Wedge). Just do what you like to beat them and you'll probably make it through. Once this is done, we climb the whole prison and save Squall. We find a sort of lift that can take us back down to a potential exit, but Zell has to stay behind to control it...and the exit doesn't even work out!

See you in the next episode when we finish off the rest of the prison, and we try to get everyone back together :)


Part 28 - A Tale Of Two Gardens

And hello again! This time around we finish off the prison (at last!) and get the party all back together. Will Zell survive on his own? Will Rinoa be saved? Will Irvine be found? Will the main party find the exit? Will the boss be beaten?

...Speaking of the boss, it's another easy enough one. The guard in the back will cast protective spells on the two enemies in front. Just use Quezacotl and it'll be over before it's really started. If this isn't enough, go for another GF or attack for a bit. Simples ;)

We have a problem once we escape though. It turns out that Sorceress Edea is planning to blow up both of the gardens that she doesn't want for her base (Balamb and Trabia), and we have to stop this from happening! Sad times when Trabia gets destroyed pretty much as soon as they stop to talk, but we can still save Balamb Garden right? Right? :/

Anyways, Squall and 2 other party members need to head to the garden to warn everyone and do what they can (I chose Rinoa and Quistis 'cause they're my favourites), while Selphie and the other 2 members need to head to the Galbadia Missile Base to try and stop the missiles from even being sent to Balamb (I had Zell and Irvine left over to go there).

P.S. I love the little scene when the Balamb team are on the train and the guard gets left behind. Sorry! :D

See you in the next episode when we check out the Missile Base :)

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 02.25.2013 9:13pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 02.26.2013 at 4:17pm)

Let's Player

Part 29 - Undercover Missile Prevention

Hello there people, I'm typing (and recording) this with a hell of a cold, but I needed something to do out of boredom :) .
I hope you enjoy this episode, which has the whole of the Galbadian Missile Base. Will we manage to get right through the base without being recognised as the intruders? Will we stop the missiles?

Watch and see ;)

P.S. I'll get back to longer posts when I'm better :)


Part 30 - Confusion At Balamb Garden?

Hey there folks! This episode has the boss of the Galbadian Missile Base (BGH251F2 - Iron Clad), which is pretty tough.

Iron Clad strategy:
- Summon Quezacotl to hit its weakness.
- Limits
- Thunder magic
- Cure when needed
- Try to act quick...the clock is ticking!

Once it's defeated you'll fight a few soldiers and it's all done. Once this is over, the missiles are sent flying, regardless of our efforts...but will they hit after we increased the error ratio so high? Finally for this party, the missile base blows up, taking our weaker party with it :'(

Next up we head back over to Balamb Garden with Squall, Rinoa and Quistis. Apparently, headmaster Cid is being hunted down by the garden faculty, who are owned by NORG. NORG is a new character that we'll meet later. He just owns the garden is all.

Sooo, what we need to do is hunt down headmaster Cid to tell him about the missiles. Looks like Raijin and Fujin will help us evacuate everyone, but will that be enough?

And finally, we have to visit every area to find Cid, so we start by going to Kadawaki in the infirmary.

See you next time when we explore the rest of the garden :)

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 02.27.2013 2:25pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 31 - The Search For Cid

Hey there folks, only a short episode today 'cause I reached that point where my cold got the better of me :$ .

We check out more of the areas in Balamb Garden, including the garden festival area, the cafeteria and the dorms. The rest of the garden hunt will be done tomorrow, as well as a bit more.

Be on the look out for a bonus episode that's coming today too. See you again :)


Because of the short episode, I thought I'd chuck the bonus episode here today too.

Part 31b - Bonus Tests 10-20

Hello people, here's another of those bonus test episodes. This time, questions 10-20 are covered and it takes us up a load of seed ranks, ready for us to earn loads more money :)

P.S. No more story is covered in this episode. It's literally just the tests :)

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 02.28.2013 3:17pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 32 - Into The Depths

Hello peoples, what we have here is the last of the hunt for cid, and the start of this party's attempt to stop the missiles from hitting us!
We start by exploring the remaining areas on the 1st floor, then see that Xu is acting mighty suspicious. Sooo, we follow her to the second floor and find that headmaster has been hiding in the most obvious of places, and that everything else has been one big distraction.
So, we head to where he's been hiding and tell him about the missiles. While he wants us to evacuate everyone, we persuade him that we should help. Who knew that the garden used to be a bomb shelter?

With this in mind, we head down into the depths of the garden and follow the rusty dungeon down to the boss.

See you in the next episode when we see just what that boss/es is/are and take it/them on! :/

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 03.01.2013 11:04pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 33 - How Bomb Shelters Operate

Ok folks, it's time to finish off the whole missile mess! We start off with a boss down in the Balamb Garden depths (Oilboyles).

Oilboyles Strategy:

- Cast Fire magic
- Use Ifrit
- Draw and cast Esuna for any status ailments they cause
- Junction fire/fira/firaga to elemental attack for everyone who has it available
- Quistis' limits are always particularly useful for this boss for me, for some reason, but use them all
- Heal when necessary (Cure/Cura)

Once they're down, we get treated to a few cinematics and see if the missiles can be avoided after all.

See you next time when we get to meet NORG and check out his take on all this...

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