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Let's Play Final Fantasy 8!

 03.02.2013 11:40pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.03.2013 at 10:00pm)

Let's Player

Part 34 - NORG's Attempt At Murder

Hey there folks, this episode pretty much entirely revolves around our meeting with Garden Master NORG. We find out that he's the one who provided the major income for the garden upon setup, and he thinks he owns the place because of it (not headmaster cid!).

There are also one or two other twists, such as the garden (the Seeds) actually being made to kill the sorceress once the time comes (which is now) and that Edea was the one who thought that up :/ . Kinda backfired there :D .

Also, it seems that headmaster Cid and Edea are married, so why would the assassination even enter Cid's head? Well, this is the part I didn't completely catch onto while playing. Was it Cid who ordered the assassination, or was it the galbadian garden's headmaster/master? Either way, there was some betrayal going on.

Let's chuck a boss strategy in by here to break up all this wall of text, shall we?

NORG Strategy:

- Make sure the orbs don't stay on red for long, or it'll allow for the orbs to support NORG with magic (Protect etc). Attack an orb to change the colour.
- Draw some Life from the one orb if possible.
- Attack the NORG Pod until it busts. It shouldn't take too long.
- Use Aero if you have it. It's weak to wind magic.
- Draw Leviathan from NORG, once the pod breaks off around him.
- Draw Cura from NORG if you like, once the pod breaks around him.
- Use GFs and limits to speed things up once the pod breaks. Siren will hurt the orbs as well if you go for that option, because it's non-elemental. I'm not sure if the orbs can die though.
- If you have Mug with Diablos, use it to get some good stat boosting items from the 3 (maybe 4?) enemies in the boss battle.

Ok, now that that's done, let's talk about NORG's plan to send us and Headmaster Cid off to sorceress Edea to have her forgive the garden for the assassination mission. Of course, this is what starts the boss battle in the first place, and explains why everyone was hunting Cid down when we arrived. NORG is, in short, a bastard. Once he's dead, I think he goes into some sort of coccoon to refresh his health and all that. That's the impression I got anyway.

Once all this is done, we head over to the infirmary to talk to Cid and have some of this confirmed and everything. Then we get our junctions and abilities sorted to what I think is the best we can have right now. With the amount of magic and abilities I chose to draw and learn, I mean.

See you in the next part when we get to see the mysterious woman from the very start of the game, and we get to see a new town which is stunning in its simplicity I reckon :)


Part 35 - Fishing For The Occult

Hey there folks, we start off with a bit of curaga making (tents are probably the best way of doing this) and then make some progress. This involves seeing who that mystery woman from the start of the game was (she's from the dream world!) and that she has been showing us the past through our dreams. Ellone needs our help, but what for exactly? We also find Occult Fan 1 in the library, showing that for the mystery GF, we need some steel pipes.

Next up, we get a new mission from Cid, which is to enter Fisherman's Horizon and tell the mayor that we come in peace, and that we can't leave until the garden is fixed.

We end by the fisherman who gives us Occult Fan 3, which tells us that we need 666 items, as well as a special ring.

Somewhere in amongst all that, we get some insight into why Squall is introverted.

See you in the next episode when we head towards the Mayor's place :)

P.S. We won't be finding the other 2 Occult Fan magazines until we reach disk 3 ;)

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
Luigi's Mansion (Completed!) - Link
My main youtube page: Link

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 03.04.2013 11:02pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.05.2013 at 7:42pm)

Let's Player

Part 36 - Iron Clad's Surprise!

Hey there peoples! This part has us check out Fisherman's Horizon (or FH as the locals call it). This includes a visit to the mayor's house (where the Ultima spell is hidden away), a boss, the return of the rest of our party (finally!) and an upgrade to a weapon or two (again: finally!).

See you in the next episode when we get the garden fixed and everyone has an interesting idea...

Part 37 - Balamb Garden's New Leader

Hey there folks, this part has quite a funny optional scene in FH, along with our chat with Irvine on the way back to the garden. It turns out that the stage in the quad area has been wrecked, and Selphie is pretty upset about it :( . Maybe the people at FH will sort it out?
It also looks like the party has something in mind to cheer Squall up and get him a bit closer to Rinoa.


The instrument choices for the band part is done in this episode, with the following choices being possible to make the 2 best results:

1) Jig - This one is more upbeat and requires you to choose the flute, violin, guitar and tap.

2) Slow song - This one is...slower. It requires you to choose the electric guitar, sax, piano and bass guitar.

Of course, you can choose any instruments you like, but these will give the best overall performances.


See you in the next episode when we finish off Fisherman's Horizon and check out the performance :)

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 03.06.2013 9:00pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 38 - Jigging With Rinoa

Ok folks, it's finally time for the music scene! While Quistis, Irvine, Zell and Selphie are playing the music, Rinoa is trying to get a little bit closer to Squall (or maybe just trying to find out a bit more about him?).

Anyways, once this is all done, it turns out that Balamb Garden is now all fixed, so we can leave Fisherman's Horizon and float along to out next destination: Balamb Town.

However, I think it's time for us to do a sidequest and get ourselves 2 new GFs at Centra Ruins, so we bob along until we make it there. Don't worry, I cut out about 15 minutes of it as I get lost :/

See you in the next episode when we make our way through Centra Ruins :)

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 03.08.2013 1:38am
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.08.2013 at 4:13pm)

Let's Player

Part 39 - Odin's Challenge

Hello there people! This episode has an optional area that will bag us 2 new GFs! In this part, we focus on actually completing the Centra Ruins in order to obtain Odin. This involves a 20 minute rush through, which includes the boss (Odin himself) at the end, as well as the little paths and ladders that need to be done. Also, we have the gargoyle statue puzzle, where you put the jewels in both eye sockets, write down the code, and then take out the jewels and insert them into the other gargoyle (the one above a locked door). Wow, bad english :s .


Ok, let's go for the Odin boss strategy next:

- Cast meltdown on him if possible to lower his vitality by like a million points.
- Odin will never attack unless the time runs out, so down worry about protect/shell/etc.
- You may want to cast haste on everyone to get more turns in.
- While I use GFs for this battle, they do use up a lot of time, so you may want to avoid that if you don't have much time left by the time you reach his room.
- Use limit breaks as often as possible. Specifically Squall's and Zell's, as these cause loads of damage when used with meltdown.
- Draw some magic if you like, but I'm not sure that this is the time for that ;)


Other than this, the episode includes a fight against a regular tonberry. I'll describe how to beat these best in the next episode, where we'll be getting GF number 2: Tonberry.

P.S. Odin is not like a normal GF. You can't junction him. You can't summon him either. He randomly appears at the start of a battle and kills all the opponents. I've never seen this happen during a boss...I can't see it working if it does happen. At a certain point in disk 2, we'll be losing Odin, but it's still worth getting him now before disk 2 ends...


Part 39b - The Tonberry King

Hey there folks, in this bonus episode, we take on the Tonberry King and save just outside of the Centra Ruins afterwards. Tonberry King is an optional boss that, once fought, will give himself up and become a normal GF for us to junction etc.
To get the Tonberry King to appear, you will need to kill 18-20 (sometimes 1 or 2 more) regular tonberries around the Centra Ruins. I recommend not leaving the ruins in between all this; while I've heard it doesn't matter, I wouldn't want to fight them all again ;)
The tonberries are each like a mini-boss in themselves, with high HP and deadly attacks.


Tonberry Strategy:

- Have Quistis low on health
- Use Micro Missiles (one of her limit breaks). This acts like a form of demi, and can be pretty random. It can deal 9999 damage even now.
- Use Diablos if you'd prefer a more steady amount of damage dealt, but it will take a while and usually deal less damage.
- Use Renzokuken with Squall and keep his health low too.
- Keep your 3rd character's health up at max
- Use Life when necessary.
- Don't bother healing in between the tonberry battles, except for your 3rd character.


And once you finish a battle against your 18th-20th+ tonberry, the Tonberry King will drop down in the very same battle. This is an easy enough fight, but watch out for his one poke that will deal a pretty high amount of damage.


Tonberry King Strategy:

- Cast Meltdown if you have it, to drop his vitality to zero, letting you deal more damage with physical attacks (including limits).
- Keep Squall's health low and use his limit all the time.
- Quistis' Micro Missiles won't work this time. You'll have to stick with GFs (other than Diablos/Carbuncle). Or her other limits. Up to you.
- Make sure to get triple on Rinoa and triple cast haste on everyone.
- Now just beat him how you like. GFs will protect you against his attacks, so that may be the best route.


And there we have it. We have the Tonberry King on our side, and will later have better shopping opportunities.

See you all next time, when we carry on with the main story back at Balamb Town :)

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 03.09.2013 7:53pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.10.2013 at 7:33pm)

Let's Player

Part 40 - Raijin Special!

Hello peoples! This episode puts us back on track with the main story, with us heading back to Balamb Town. Looks like the Galbadians are here though looking for Ellone! What we need to do is find out who's behind this grand hunt, and make them leave the peaceful town of Balamb :(
Anyways, we make it through most of this section in this episode, with us fighting the first of 2 bosses: Raijin (Seifer's lapdog number 1).


Raijin Strategy:

- Take down a soldier, and keep 1 alive if you like. You can draw/cast cure from him.
- Pretty much anything will do for this's simple.
- The usual limits will work well
- GFs too (Diablos is grand, Tonberry seems to do plenty of damage...just not Quezacotl!)
- Raijin absorbs thunder damage, so avoid using that element.


Ok, with that easy boss out of the way, we have another boss right away in the next episode, which is a bit tougher. See you then!


Part 41 - Finishing Up Balamb Town

Hey there folks, here comes the rest of Balamb Town! We'll never have to come back here again (although we can if we want), so there's a chance this series won't see the place any more. Anyways, we kick things off with the 2nd (and last) boss of Balamb Town, which is Fujin and Raijin in the hotel.


Fujin and Raijin Strategy:

- Draw Pandemona, the wind GF! Fujin has this.
- Don't use Quezacotl or other thunder magic, because this will heal Raijin
- Don't use Aero/Aero-junctioned attacks, as this will heal Fujin
- Use GFs to take them both down quick. Just not Quezacotl.
- Limits breaks will help loads, especially Zells' (as you see in the video)
- If you like, you can take them down one at a time to make life that bit easier, although you should be fine either way.
- Protect may be a good idea; their attacks can hit hard!


Got to admit, I can't help laughing at Fujin being violent. I used to kick my mates just like...him/her :s

Anyways, Selphie really wants to go and see the remains of her old garden in Trabia after the missile attack a while ago, so it looks like that's our next destination! We save just outside the garden, ready for a story part with lots of twists! The next episode is gonna be ever so revealing, and will bring the party together more...except for one member...

See you then! :)

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 03.11.2013 3:19pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 42 - That Dreaded Orphanage Scene

Hey there folks! This episode is a long one with loads of talking, but it's important for the story, so it's definitely worth watching. While a lot of people dislike it, probably because it's similar to the Nibelheim scene in FF7 (although not half as long), I quite enjoy it. It's important, damn it! :p

So, we head into Trabia Garden and see the devastation that Sorceress Edea has brought upon it, and what could have happened to Balamb if we didn't start flying just in time. It's quite a sad scene, with Selphie crying at the graves and everyone living like homeless people. The rubble doesn't help either. We should hurry through to the basketball court like we've been told, but we grab Weapons Monthly August along the way (which includes Quistis' and Zell's best weapons).

Once we make it to the basketball court, we get the dreaded speech about the orphanage. It turns out that everyone in the party, other than Rinoa, grew up together in an orphanage that is now called Edea's House. As well as this, Seifer, Ellone and Matron (Edea) were living there too! Shocks all around when this is revealed, and that Irvine knew all along! Such a bastard...

Another great shock in this episode is that the GFs we are using are causing us to lose our memories. This is why we all forgot about the orphanage situation and why only Irvine remembers (he only started using GFs recently when he joined our gang of merry men...and women :/ ).

Anyways, it's well worth a watch too see our party as little kids if nothing else. So cute :'(

With Selphie satisfied and ready to leave, we save outside the garden, ready to head to the orphanage in the next episode. See you then ;)

P.S. Plenty more happens story-wise, but I thought I'd leave the details out for a quick summary and all that :)

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 03.12.2013 4:36pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 43 - Rinoa On The Edge

Hello peoples, it's time to head on out to the orphanage from those scenes, but we kinda get side-tracked by the Galbadia Garden that's floating nearby...

That's right, it's time to start the battle of the gardens and see if we can kill of Edea this time, or if we'll have another disk chasing her down :s

We start off by giving the orders: Defend, Attack, Protect the junior classmen (although I was so close to choosing save the hotdogs :D ), and order the different SeeDs and students to different places to perform these tasks.

It actually looks like Zell could be a pretty good leader himself...who knew? Anyways, as always Rinoa gets in trouble by falling off the side of the garden and hanging on there for her life and we have to do something about it. Bloody hell, she might as well be called Peach or something :p

I'll see you in the next episode when we see how we finish off this whole battle (except for...the last dungeon). See you then!

P.S. What's the big deal with the ring? Anybody know? :/

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 03.13.2013 5:32pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.14.2013 at 3:33pm)

Let's Player

Part 44 - Garden Wars!

Hey there folks, it's time to finish off the battle of the gardens (at least from the Balamb side of things)! Lots more drama, some more garden bashing, a robot-fighting minigame, a bit of damzel saving and a short trek to Galbadia Garden and we make it to the end of the episode!

Oh look, we got to name our ring too! How...unnecessary :/

Anyways, see you next time when we make a start on the final dungeon of disk 2. It's easy to get lost there, but we get 2 new GFs around the garden, so it's not all bad. See you then :)

P.S. I'm so aggresive in this episode lmao. That is all.


Part 45 - Triple The Fun!

Hey there folks, it's time for the final dungeon of disk 2: Galbadia Garden! It's pretty easy to get lost around here, seeing as all the corridors look incredibly similar and there are locked doors here and there to stop your progress. This is why we need to find 3 key cards before we can finish the area! In this episode we just find 2 of them though.

We have an easy enough time throughout this episode though, and seem to stay on the right path etc. We barely see any enemies either, which I find quite strange but maybe there's a low encounter rate or something.

Got to say, I'm liking the music around here too. Sneaky, secret-agent music, which is fitting considering we're sneaking through Edea's base like rats.

Also, we fight an optional boss: Cerberus!


Cerberus Strategy:

- Don't use Thunder or Wind magic. This includes Pandemona and Quezacotl. He'll/they'll just be healed/nullify the damage.
- Draw Triple if you are at a high enough level. Unfortunately I wasn't. It's good for junctioning, although not that useful as a spell, considering you'll have Cerberus to use after this.
- Dispel Triple if you like, so he gets less attacks in. This isn't a tough boss though, so don't worry too much.
- As usual, haste will help to give you more attacks.
- Shell/Reflect/Carbuncle may be useful to help avoid his spells.


And there we have it: a new GF! When used in battle, Cerberus won't hurt the enemies, but it will put double and triple on your entire party, so it can be handy to use early on during a boss, or when you need to heal everyone badly (double life, anyone?). In terms of junctioning, speed junction is pretty handy. More attacks without having to use Haste is always grand.

And there we have it folks, we're pretty much finished with this dungeon! We'll finish off the exploring in the next episode and maybe make a start on the bosses. See you then! :)

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 03.15.2013 5:25pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.16.2013 at 3:08pm)

Let's Player

Part 46 - Edea's Lapdog

Hey there folks, this episode has us finish off the rest of the Galbadia Garden dungeon, which includes finding and using the 3rd keycard to make our way to the 2nd of 3 bosses here: Seifer.


Seifer Strategy:

- Physical attacks work fine, so go for those if you have high strength
- Any damage-dealing GFs will work, so go for broke if you'd prefer to do this
- Seifer deals more physical damage this time so Protect could be a good idea
- Haste is useful once again
- So are limit breaks
- Mug for a good item, if you have learnt mug with Diablos


And that's about it really. As you can see, it's a pretty short episode, so there's not much more to say. See you next time! :)


Part 47 - Edea's Final Defences

And hello again! This time around we finish off disk 2 with another boss: Edea! This is the last time that we'll be fighting her, so she's not gonna make it easy...


Edea Strategy:

- First off, you need to take down Seifer again, so: protect, attack GFs, Limits, Heal.
- You'll then face Edea herself in the same battle, so start off by drawing Alexander! This is a new GF that's pretty famous throughout the FF universe.
- Her magic is pretty powerful this time, so Shell/Reflect/Carbuncle may be your best bet.
- GFs are handy because they block enemy attacks while being summoned.
- Diablos is especially good for higher amounts of damage.
- Of course, Haste is always handy too. Up to you.
- And the usual physical attacks/limit breaks should be used.
- Finally, watch out for her Death spell! If you haven't junctioned Death to status defence (I always find it hard to find the spell, but Tonberry is your best bet back in the Centra Ruins), then get ready with the phoenix downs/Life spells).


Ok, with her down we have Alexander, which deals holy damage to enemies. Some good abilities to learn too, such as revive.

A bit of story ends disk 2, with Rinoa acting rather odd and reviving Seifer while the whole light show is happening. Unfortunately, Rinoa collapses after this, and we won't find anything out about this for quite a bit.

Finally, Edea seems to have changed back to the Matron that everyone seems to remember, which is another mystery to be revealed later on.

Thanks for watching! See you next time for the start of disk 3! :)


Part 48 - Adel and Ultimecia

Ok folks, it's time to start disk 3! This is where my memory of the story, and my understanding of it, start to get a bit hazy so bear with me.
We start off by seeing that Rinoa is still no better, and is unconscious in the infirmary. Squall is feeling something for her too! Who knew he had it in him?

Besides this, we head off to the orphanage (finally!) and see the Edea has quite a bit of news for us. This is all important for the story, and will reveal about what has been going on with Edea. It turns out that she was possessed by a powerful sorceress called Ultimecia all along. However, now Edea has been released in order to try and take over a different sorceress: Sorceress Adel.

Both of the new sorceresses are evil, and if Ultimecia finds Adel and possesses her, then the amount of magical power they have combined will probably be enough to take over the world or...whatever Ultimecia wants to do ;)
Also, we get told once more that Ultimecia is looking for Ellone for her time magic.

Speaking of time magic, we also take on the 4th dream in this episode, which shows us Laguna, Kiros and Ward taking part in a film that reeks heavily of the play in FF7 (in the Golden Saucer). This includes both the minigame, as well as the Ruby Dragon boss:


Ruby Dragon Strategy:

- Junction Blizzard to elemental attack to hit it's weakness
- Junction Fire to elemental defence to absorb/nullify/reduce the damage from it's attacks
- Use Shiva to also hit its weakness
- Draw a bit if you like. It's an easy enough boss to survive for a while and get some magic
- Of course, limit breaks help too


I'm not too sure what the point of film part is. Does it show anything important that I've missed? Other than they're back together?

Also in the dream however, which is more important, is a bit of dialogue between Edea and Laguna back at the orphanage. Seeing those 2 talk is quite strange to see for some reason :/

Anyways, we end the episode with news that we have to head to Ellone and visit the white SeeD ship, hopefully to find something out about Rinoa. See you next time when we do exactly that! :D

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 03.17.2013 2:38pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.18.2013 at 1:30pm)

Let's Player

Part 49 - Upon The Train Tracks

Hello there peoples, this episode has a quite a bit going on. We start off by heading to the orphanage to see if Edea would know where the white SeeD ship is, and apparently she does! With this info, we bob along until we find the ship and meet a few old friends from the Forest Owls! :D

We also find out that the ship was attacked and Ellone escaped by going with some Esthar soldiers, which means that we now must follow suit. Off we go to Esthar!

Squall tries to sneak off to Esthar on his own...with Rinoa. Following the tracks is one of my favourite parts of the game, you may be surprised to find. I love the artwork, scenery and tranquility of it all. We also get a monologue from Squall while we're going...what if Rinoa never gets better? :'(

Bah, it turns out that the rest of the party knew that Squall would do this and were waiting for us up ahead. Sorta like when Aeris waits for Cloud in FF7, in the slums of Midgar, when he sneaks off to find Tifa.

Anyways, now that we have Edea in the party (I was pretty shocked at this first time through), it's time to use her and make a move!

We finish up just outside Salt Lake, which is a pretty simple dungeon/area. Be on the look out for a bonus episode that's coming soon! ;)
See you there!


Part 49b - Malboro Tentacles Tutorial

Hello all! This here is a bonus episode showing how to find some rather annoying items that are needed for 3 reasons: Quistis' Bad Breath limit (1 needed), Doomtrain GF (6 needed), Save The Queen whip (3 needed). All you need to do is go to the area shown in the video and keep fighting through those horse enemies until a malboro shows up.


How to Gain Malboro Tentacles In Battle:

- Junction the ability "Initiative" to one character, which is learnt from Tonberry, Pandemona and one other GF.
- Junction "Mug" to the same character, which is learnt from Diablos only.
- As soon as the battle against the malboro begins, attack with the mugger.
- If you get the item, flee with L2 and R2 as fast as you can.
- If you didn't get the tentacles, run anyway. This is one of the toughest random encounters in the game.
- Once you've escaped, use a tent to remove all status effects (if you had any)
- Repeat until you have 10 tentacles


Just remember that this can take a while, but they're well worth the wait. See you next time! Be on the look out for another bonus episode! :)


Part 49c - Bonus Tests 21-30

Ok folks, here's another bonus episode. If you've seen the other two bonus test episodes, then you'll know what's coming. This will be the last bonus test episode in this series :)

P.S. I realise the implications of doing these tests when you won't go up in rank. I just wanted to show the answers for you guys.

See you next time when we carry on towards Esthar! :)

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 03.20.2013 9:42pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.22.2013 at 4:30pm)

Let's Player

Part 50 - A Great Salty Abadon

Hey there folks, we're finally back to normality, so 1 episode per day again (damn harddrive). This episode revolves around the Great Salt Lake, which is the "dungeon" right before Esthar. There's not much to this place; it's tiny and there's barely anywhere to explore. Climb the bones to get to a draw point or 2 and that's it.

An enemy to look out for though, and these take a while to kill, is Vysage. This is shown in the video and its weakness is fire. Go for Ifrit if you like, of attack your way through (though this may take a while). You can draw Haste from the head, so that may be a good idea, considering it's a spell that's good both in battle and for junctioning.

At the end of all this, we face a boss. Meet Abadon, one of the easiest bosses in the game.


Abadon Strategy:

- Fire magic works well, as does Ifrit
- Healing magic will hurt him, seeing as he's an undead monster
- A phoenix down has a chance to kill him in one, though it can miss
- Draw/cast Curaga to deal a load of damage each turn
- Limits breaks work as well as ever...look how much damage Ice Strike does in the video. Pretty shocking really.
- Drawing magic could be worthwhile, but...that's up to you


We finally make it to the outskirts of Esthar (passing by the camouflage machine) and we fall asleep, ready for the last proper dream! See you next time! :)

P.S. I love the music in the outskirts of Esthar. Jazzy :D . Also in Esthar somehow...


Part 51 - Dreaming With A Moomba

Hey there folks, here comes the last proper dream world episode! It looks like our dream party are working in Esthar, and are having a hard time of it too. However they escape and find Ellone as a little girl being imprisoned. Thank god Uncle Lagoona was there ;)

We also get to see Dr Odine. What an interesting chap.

See you next time when we enter Esthar for real :)

(Short description this time. Greeny's sleepy :/ )

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 03.22.2013 4:26pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Part 52 - A Futuristic Episode

Hey there folks, this episode is all about the city of Esthar! We visit Doctor Odine, to see if he can remove Edea's possession and to see if he can help Rinoa. It turns out that we'll have to head to Lunar Gate and...a little bit further from home to get Rinoa cured.

We also have a little look around Esthar City and find our way to the mall, which has some of the best shops around, with some of the best items around (including the last of the Pet Pals, Combat Kings and Occult Fans). The best items can only be bought if your Tonberry has learnt Familiar though, so look out for that.

Finally, we rent a car and make a pit stop over at Tear's Point, where we get Solomon's Ring (needed for Doomtrain).

See you in the next episode when we head on over to Lunar Gate and everything starts getting serious again...

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 03.23.2013 8:06pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.24.2013 at 12:47am)

Let's Player

Part 53 - Those Who Were Left Behind

And here it goes folks: the start of the Lunatic Pandora/Space section of FF8! In this episode, we send Squall, Rinoa and Quistis off into space via Lunar Gate, while Edea, Selphie, Zell and Irvine stay behind.

As much as I'd love to go into space right now, there's a threat down here to take care of, which is more important at the moment: Lunatic Pandora is on its way to Tear's Point, and is going to cross over Esthar to get there!

Because of this, we head back to Esthar and visit Doc Odine and get our mission briefing (the last briefing of this kind really, although there is one last, very important mission on disk 4).
See you all next time when we start the mission properly :)

P.S. Sorry about the lack of commentary at the end. The sister decided to hire a clown car and bring all her mates to the house with it. A gaggle of women is never good for an LP :p


Part 54 - Operation: Lunatic Pandora

Hello again! This episode sees us take on the great Lunatic Pandora mission in Esthar (which...I don't like that much but still). We muck it up a bit, but the mistakes are all cut out so don't worry too much about it. Once we make it aboard, we have a slight problem with a monster and don't get to stop it (booo!).

Next up, we check out how the space party are doing, and it's all running smoothly on their side. Rinoa gets taken off to be checked out by the experts/scientists, which is for the best.

See you next time when we check out the space station a bit more :)

NOTE: 2 episodes today are to finish up the parts with this party that were left behind. Also, they're both relatively short :)

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 03.25.2013 12:07am
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Let's Player

Part 55 - Tears Of A Moon

Hey there peoples! Up until this point, the space station has been all fun and games, with the happy music and scientists bouncing around. This episode is going to change all that though.

It seems that Rinoa is ready to wake up, but this is only going to cause trouble and show us why Lunatic Pandora suddenly started moving. The Lunar Cry is starting folks!

With a million and one monsters being sent down from the moon, as well as the awakening of a new villain (Sorceress Adel/Ultimecia), time can only tell what sort of havoc is coming.

See you on the other side, when we try and save Rinoa in outer space. It's not all gonna be a barrel of laughs, but it's one of the most stunning moments from any FF game to date :'(


Part 56 - Oxygen Depleted

Hello peoples, time for a more downcast episode today. While it may be slow, this space part is incredibly emotional. With Rinoa slowly bobbing through space, losing oxygen and life support as she goes. The cutscenes are incredibly well done here too; they're subtle and really add to the moment. Heck, it's probably the only subtlety in FF8...considering how well it's done, you'd think they'd have used it more?
Anyways, will Squall be able to save her from this seemingly impossible situation, or will this be the end for her? Check and see :'(

P.S. We get some background info on a couple of other parts of the game too that are connected to Rinoa. There's no doubt that this is her big moment.

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 03.26.2013 11:27pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 03.27.2013 at 6:15pm)

Let's Player

Part 57 - Propagator Puzzling

Hey there folks, this episode is all about the Ragnarok dungeon, where we need to take care of our new, little threat in order to continue. The propagators are easy enough to kill off on their own; they're more like mini-bosses than bosses. Even Odin can kill them off if you're lucky :)


Propagator Strategy:

- Attack Attack Attack
- Limits
- Draw some reasonably good magic
- Steal some magic stones, that can be refined into powerful magic
- Keep your health up, unless you want to risk going low and using limits more often


Make sure to kill them off in the right order (kill both of the same colour before taking on a different colour, or they'll revive) and this place is pretty harmless. Once all 8 are down, we head to the cockpit and are helped back down to home. Romance scenes incoming...if this makes you wanna wretch, then I apologise ;)

It looks like Rinoa has Ultimecia possessing her, as we saw up in space, so she's being taking into confinement. We'll see how this goes next time :)


Part 58 - Rescuing Rinoa...Again!

Why hello there peoples, I never expected to see you here! :D

Seeing as you're here, I may as well give you some sort of insight as to what's going on in this episode. Squall has much regrettings going on about just letting Rinoa go and become contained like Adel was (only not in outer space). It's a good job the rest of the party were around to remind him how stupid of an idea it was to let her go!

So, with desperate times comes desperate measures! We relax and let the ragnarok go as slow as possible on autopilot, and make our way over to the Sorceress' Memorial, where Rinoa is.

With a bit of cinematic heralding back to the day when we watched the opening cinematics (memories! :'( ), we rescue Rinoa and go where she wants to go: Edea's House. This place is quiet and lacking in peoples apparently, so we can talk a bit easier, and not risk being assaulted by guards who want to take her back etc.

Our time here is just to take care of Rinoa's insecurities and for them and Quistis to have a heart-to-heart about romance and stuff. Next up, if we were to follow the main plot, we need to head back to Esthar city and take care of Lunatic Pandora etc but...
...that's the last of the story episodes for a while! The next few episodes will all be optional stuff and sidequests, which we haven't seen much throughout the series.

See you around! :)

P.S. You don't have to buy Ultima at can draw it from certain enemies and draw points (Island Closest to Hell). Not quite sure why I said that.


Part 58b - Ultimate Weapons

Ok folks, this episode has me show you where to get your steel pipes, and an explanation on how to make Squall, Rinoa and Quistis' best weapons. If you have any questions about it all, leave me a comment or a message and I'll be happy to answer.

Also, I show the results of all this by heading to the junk shop in Balamb Town for the 1st time in forever. It's the last time we'll be heading there too.

See you next time when we go for a new GF! :)

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