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Let's Play Final Fantasy V

 02.19.2013 1:05pm
Thread Creator

The King's orders are absolute

As of today, my Let's Play of Final Fantasy V is still my largest project I've done so far at 56 videos. It starts off a bit rough as I tried to figure out how best to set up my job classes, but by the end, I had a fairly good grasp of what I was doing. I learned a lot about the game I never knew such as just how near godtier the chemist's mix/combine ability can be, and I managed to do things I never managed to pull off in my casual playthroughs such as acquire all the blue magic spells and defeat both Omega and Shinryu (at relatively low levels at that).

I had fun doing this series. The biggest issues I have looking back at it now are my general lack of experience (it was my third LP when I started it), and I was still using my crappy headset mic at the time which caused some minor issues with my commentary's audio. But all that aside, it's still an informative playthrough and (hopefully) entertaining as well.

Thanks a lot for watching!


Episode 1:

Battle against Omega:

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