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Let's Play Luigi's Mansion!

 04.22.2013 3:43pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 04.23.2013 at 12:35pm)

Let's Player

Hey there folks, it's time for me to FINALLY get back into let's playing with commentary, and what better way than with an old classic? Nintendo really made a gem with Luigi's Mansion, and I'm hoping you guys will agree :)

Luigi's Mansion is a horror game made by Nintendo, but don't's not too scary considering it's only got a 3+ age rating :D .

The mansion from the title is a nice little present that Luigi won in a contest...Luigi actually got some luck for once! Although...did he really? Be prepared for some incredibly interesting ghosts, a powerful vaccuum cleaner, some furniture humping and a mad scientist! This may not be a hugely long game, but every minute is pretty amazing. I'm gonna go out on a whim and say it'll last 5 hours?

Luigi's Mansion is only available for the Gamecube, so you can either buy/dust off (I'm so punny!) your old GC or play it through your old Wii. Note that the Wii U does not play Gamecube games. The sequel is out on the 3DS too, but...I'm not too fond on that one :(.

If you'd like some more info before jumping head first into the game, here's the wiki page which seems pretty accurate (be prepared for spoilers in the link!):

Aaaand finally, the opening for the series!

Hope to see you guys around! :)


Episode 1 - Egad! A Mansion!

Hey there folks, it's time for us to make a start on our new series! This episode takes us into the mansion and shows us that it isn't the best prize that Luigi could have won! We meet a load of different types of generic ghosts...the ghosts that are actually characters will start tomorrow.

We also meet Professor E.Gadd, who is a right psycho...but aren't all mad scientists? ;) . He decides that we should take a vaccuum cleaner to protect ourselves, but it's also handy for sucking up cash and solving a few mini-puzzles.

Finally, we check out the mandatory tutorial and explore the art gallery a little bit. This will fill up as we catch ghosts with more personality :)

See you next time when we make a proper start on the mansion!

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
Luigi's Mansion (Completed!) - Link
My main youtube page: Link

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 04.24.2013 5:01pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 04.25.2013 at 3:08pm)

Let's Player

Episode 2 - Meet The Parents!

Hey there peoples, it's time to start exploring the mansion without any interruptions! We get to meet our first unique ghosts today...Neville and Lydia are both pretty easy to capture, but...these parents aren't the problem.

Along the way we enter the Dressing Room, have a surprising encounter with some portraits and meet another Toad. Save points aren't a problem in this game :)

See you tomorrow when we check out our first boss! :D

P.S. The voice in the commentary goes a bit rough in this one. I'll try and sort it out by the next episode :)


Episode 3 - Chauncey's Nursery

Hey there folks, it's time to check out the 1st boss! He's only a little baby...what harm could he possibly do? Well, the jealousy within him sure causes things to go a bit pear-shaped, to say the least :s .

As well as this, we head to a new area of the mansion, where we see the basement and find a ballroom (back on the 1st floor) where we meet The Floating Whirlindas! Gasp at their amazing talent! I'm not quite sure how you are meant to beat these. I think you just wait until they're done. Gotta love the lightning during this fight too ;)

See you tomorrow when the mansion becomes a much more dangerous place!

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 04.26.2013 3:52pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 4 - Boo Busters!

Ok awful episode name aside, this is a pretty different episode than anything so far. There are no unique ghosts...but there are now 50 boos to catch around the mansion. I'd like to say that there's one in each room, but I think there are one or two rooms without a boo.

All you have to do to find the boo, is go up to any furniture that makes the radar blink red and tap it. Once the boo is out, suck it up! If the boo leaves through a wall/the ceiling, you'll need to hunt it down again, but it'll be out in the open in the new room if that makes sense.
We end this boo-hunting episode with 8 boos and we're now ready to carry on with the main game. See you next time folks!

P.S. You don't have to catch them all...but you do need to catch a certain amount of them to get to the final boss. If you do collect them all, then you get yourself an extra gem at the end and I think that's it. May as well go for it though, considering how short the game is.

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 04.27.2013 9:55pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 04.28.2013 at 3:34pm)

Let's Player

Episode 5 - Blazing Shivers

Hey there folks, here comes the start of the elementals! The fire element is good for burning things, naturally. Lighting candles, burning bushes...and stuff like that. We meet two new unique ghosts this time too: Shivers the butler and Madame Clairvoyant, who'll be important for a lot of the game. We need to find five items for her...and Mario's Hat (found in this episode) is the first!
We also find a bonus room full of treasure, and catch a few more boos.

See you next time...I wonder who this Melody is that Shivers was talking about? Mystery!


2 episodes today folks! Lazy Sunday and all that.

Episode 6 - Melody Pianissima

Hey there folks, it's time to meet Melody, one of my all-time favourite ghosts! She loves her music room and Mario themes...but I don't think she ever loved Shivers back :'( .

Also in this episode, we meet and take down an optional unique ghost who goes by the name of Mr. Luggs. This glutton just needs his food removed, but look out for the waiters who'll refresh his plate every so often!

Finally, we grab ourselves a water element medal, which will be good for dousing fires and watering plants etc. Just look for sinks/fountains/similar things to restore your water bar (sorta like Mario Sunshine eh?).

See you again :)


Episode 7 - Bogmire's Cemetery

And hello again! This episode shows us a new type of regular ghost (the skeletons...aren't they called Mr Bones or something?). These are easy enough, but watch out for their bone throwing and I guess 30 health is pretty high.

We also take down Spooky the dog by making him bark and sucking up his owner. Finally it's time for Bogmire! This is the boss of area 2, but he's not too bad. Such up a black ghost and throw it at the pink ghost. The aiming is a bit tricky, but otherwise it's fine. I also show you the art gallery now that it's filling up a bit. The episode would have been a bit short otherwise so...there we go.

See you next time when we start a new area! :)

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 04.29.2013 6:55pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 04.30.2013 at 5:00pm)

Let's Player

Episode 8 - Miss Petunia's Ice Cold Bath

Hey there folks, it's time to take on Area 3 of the mansion! The well has an interesting development, showing Mario's predicament. We also take on the gym ghost (Biff) and find our last elemental medal: Ice! This will be handy for freezing water ghosts and a few other random things.

Finally, we meet Miss Petunia in the bath tub. She only wanted a good scrub :(

See you next time! :)


Episode 9 - Knitting With Nana

Hey there folks, this is an interesting episode, with two more unique ghosts! Slim Bankshot is the first, and he sure does love his pool! Suck up ze balls and shoot them at him to make him show his heart. He's entirely optional, but I thought I'd show his capture anyways :)

Next up is Nana. She loves her knitting and rocking chair (that moves! How amazing is that?). Take away her balls of cotton/string/whatever and shoot her with them to get her in your vaccuum. Poor old ladies don't deserve such abuse :'(

'course, we catch a few more boos too and that's about it for this episode! See you next time! :)

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 05.01.2013 1:41pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 10 - Lunar Explosion!

Hey there folks, this time around we take on Henry and Orville; the twins! They're actually a bit tough 'cause of there being two of them and the fact that they have vehicles. Still, down they go.

The other part of the episode is probably the better part; we get to grab the final item of Mario's! The star is so fun to find and collect, 'cause we get to blow up the moon! The whole collection part really reminds me of Mario 64 too, when Mario finishes an area by finding one of the power stars. Love it :)

See you next time when we visit the psychic one last time...

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 05.02.2013 5:32pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 11 - Psychic Hotline!

Why hello there people, this episode ties up the Madame Clairvoya situation quite nicely if I do say so myself! We give her all of Mario's items that we've been collecting and catch her. Otherwise, we make it to the 3rd floor and check out the telephone room. Fiiiinally, we see that something is not quite right out on the 3F balcony. How very mysterious indeed!

See you tomorrow when we take on the 3rd boss! ;)

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 05.04.2013 2:45pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player


Episode 12 - The Jumbo Ghost!

Hey there folks, it's time to finish area 3 and make a start on area 4! Area 3's end boss is certainly the toughest so far. I cut out a bit towards the end 'cause I completely miss what to do to suck up the last boo. His name is Boolossus, by the way...and he gives you a load of boos, so you don't have to hunt around the mansion for them. Maybe 15 of them roughly?

As for area 4, something stops us from making too much progress, and this is where some real horror and stress comes into the game. This game is not for 3 year olds, I swear lmao.

Anyways, see you next episode when we try to sort this mess out :/

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 05.05.2013 11:59pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 05.06.2013 at 4:51pm)

Let's Player


Episode 13 - Clockwork Orange

Ok, so this episode goes a bit derpy, with me wandering around randomly to find Uncle Grimmly. A room with a mirror would naturally mean the wardrobe room rather than the mirror room, wouldn't it? Booooo. That's probably the only annoying part in the game though, and all the searching is cut out etc for y'all.

Besides this, we get the lights back on and head onto the rest of the mansion (finally!). This allows us to explore some of the basement and more of the top floor. The Clockwork Soldiers that we find up there are some of the harder unique ghosts, but don't worry too much. Try not to get hit by one when you're sucking up another and they're fine.

What's not quite fine is that I left the mic off while talking to you all...and found out later on. So sorry about the lack of commentary for that part :(

Fiiiinally, we get to check out the roof and find ourselves another key. Blimey, this episode has been a wee bit of a nightmare lmao.

See you next time! ;)


Episode 14 - Pop Up Jarvis!

Hey there peoples, this is a boo-heavy episode so it's mainly optional stuff I guess, but it's still worth watching if you want to catch a glimpse of an optional unique ghost (Jarvis) and see one or two more new rooms around the place.

See you next time! :)

P.S. I can't help but think of Jarvis as being like pop-up pirate :/

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 05.07.2013 7:47pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 05.08.2013 at 4:22pm)

Let's Player

Episode 15 - Giving Sir Weston A Warm

Hey there folks, this episode has us take on Sir Weston! It's not hard to figure out that you need to melt the ice around him, but the stalagmites/tites need to be avoided. That's where the challenge comes in.

Also, we take on some of the hardest boos in the game. That amount of health is ridiculous! :o

See you next time ;)

P.S. The last two episodes will be up tomorrow!


Episode 16 - A Painter's Paradise

Hey there folks, it's time to collect the last few boos! More importantly though, we take on Vincent Van Gore with his amazing art skills! Paintings coming to life is probably the biggest threat that we've had from a unique ghost so far, but at least we're playing through the normal mansion, so we only take on three of each ghost instead of five ;)

We also take down our last optional unique ghost, Sue Pea. Who knew wazzing the bed could make a ghost strop so much? :D

See you next time when we take on the last boss, credits, give some opinions and there'll be some news on the next series...or at least a hint? See you there.


Episode 17 - The Dastardly Duo ~Finale~

Welcome to the final episode all! The last boss(es) are included, along with the credits, some opinions and a hint or two about the next series. It's actually been tougher than I thought, but we made it through ha.

I really hope you've enjoyed this series and everything. The next one will be pretty different ;)

If you're interested in the next series, keep an eye out. It'll be starting tomorrow or the next day :)

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