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Let's Play Machinarium!

 08.03.2014 11:26am
Thread Creator (Edited on 08.04.2014 at 4:43pm)

Let's Player

Hey all, here's the opening to my next mini-series. It's gonna be 9 episodes long and each episode about 10 minutes max. It'll be daily.  It's a game I've played through like a million times and reaaaaally love :).

It's going to be really basic, because that's the kind of game this is: a really simple, charming little point and click game with plenty of puzzles. If I ever get stuck though, I've learnt a new way to make the puzzles less tedious for you lot watching.

This game is for PS3, PC (via Steam, I think) and Windows phones (maybe other mobile platforms too?).

Of course, none of this game was made by me at all. It was:

Developed by: Amanita Design
Published by: Amanita Design and Daedalic Entertainment

Thank you so much to the developers and publishers for making such a great game and allowing me to record my gameplay and commentary :).

Oh, here's the opening I promised lmao:

Hope to see you around! :)

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
Luigi's Mansion (Completed!) - Link
My main youtube page: Link

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 08.04.2014 4:41pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 08.05.2014 at 4:30pm)

Let's Player

Episode 1 - The Little Robot

Hi everyone, welcome to the world of Machinarium! Episode 1 of 9 introduces us to our new little robot pal: Robot. We make it through the whole rebuilding section, cross over the bridge (past the guard station) and make it to the boiler room after our first proper puzzle.

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy this series as much as I did making it. It's the most confident I've felt about a series for a while :).

Episode 2 - Prison Exploration

Hey all, here comes episode 2/9! This involves the boiler room and the whole of the prison area. The puzzles included:

- Boiler Room
- Prison fridge/rotating triangle
- Taking care of the guard with marbles

Thanks for watching! We'll make our way to the city properly tomorrow and you'll get to see my favourite part of the game :D.

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 08.06.2014 5:28pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 08.07.2014 at 4:50pm)

Let's Player

Episode 3 - Meet The Musicians

Hey all, welcome to episode 3/9! There's quite a bit going on here, from helping out a transvestite robot, to eating a dog, to playing noughts and crosses with a robot who isn't quite succeeding with his anger management, to helping to solve and drummer and saxophone player's predicament. So much going on :/.

Thanks for watching! Only the didjaridoo...dijareedoo...didgareedoo...whatever! Only that guy to sort out now! Bye lmao.

Episode 4 - Where There Are Owls

Part 4/9 incoming! This episode involves everything didgeridoo (I looked that spelling up after!) related. The bridge, electrocuting cats, sliding tiles, an evil owl/bird/thing, sorting out the last of the instrument issues.

P.S. Check out the song at the end. I left it play for a bit for you guys :). Thanks for watching!

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 08.08.2014 6:36pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 08.09.2014 at 11:44am)

Let's Player

Episode 5 - The Reggae Wrench

Hey all, part 5/9 incoming! This one has a fair amount of progress:

- Collecting oil for the old man
- The sewers including the reggae wrench and the tank puzzle
- Our time controlling the girlfriend in the kitchen (I'm saying nout!)
- Taking on a riddle-loving fan with anger issues. It's his downfall :(.

Thanks for watching! We'll check out the greenhouse next time! :)

Episode 6 - My Green Thumb

Hello all, here's part 6/9! This episode is mostly about the greenhouse area, but we also make the sunflower oil for the old man in the wheelchair. The reward we get from him? A bandage and a pass to the arcade! We'll be checking that place out next time.

Of course, the greenhouse area includes the square path puzzle (who knows what to call that one lmao) and the butterfly pattern puzzle for the exit.

Thanks for watching! :)

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 08.10.2014 1:08pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 7 - Joysticks At The Ready!

Hey all, here's part 7/9! This time around we head into the arcade and sort out the two machines in there (including possibly the toughest puzzle in the game). A wee bit space invaders included ha.

We also make some batteries for the little child robot and check out the puzzle in the elevator. We've made it to the last building/area folks!

Thanks for watching! We'll see where the elevator takes us next time :D.

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 08.11.2014 7:38pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 08.12.2014 at 6:30pm)

Let's Player

Episode 8 - Deactivating The Bomb

Hey all, welcome to part 8/9! This episode is all about the bomb and the robot with a huge brain :D. The vaccuum cleaner is a lot to do with the bomb (along with the scissors, chandelier hook and toilet). The puzzles and minigames are quite varied this time around. Take a quick look :).

Thanks for watching! We'll finish things off next time :).

Episode 9 - Rescue The Girlfriend!

Hey all, thanks for watching this series! This is part 9/9 and has a couple more puzzles (pentagram in the elevator and a music puzzle right at the exit). Then there's the credits etc. But how do we rescue the girlfriend?

Thanks again! I'm actually pretty proud of how this one turned out, regardless of views. See you soon? :)

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