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Let's Play Mario Kart 8!

 06.02.2014 12:07am
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Hey all, here's a little series that I thought would be fun. It won't be a daily series or anything; a new episode will be uploaded every few days as a part of my new channel upload format, which will be explained in a vid tomorrow (keep an eye out : )).

This series could involve various things, from single player cups (like today) to online races, to online tournaments involving a few youtubers (sometimes non-youtubers). In fact there's an online tourney coming up in a couple of weeks. More on that later.

Because of this level of variety, this isn't a series that will end completely. There could be a random video uploaded at any time really.

I don't think I really need to explain what Mario Kart is all about, do I? It's a racing game with items to slaughter your fellow racers with. All done : ).

1 - Mushroom Cup (100cc)

Today we'll be taking on the Mushroom Cup on 100cc (normal mode). The tracks included in this cup are: Mario Kart Stadium, Water Park, Sweet Sweet Canyon and Thwomp Ruins. Got to say, it's a nice mix with Thwomp Ruins having some pretty stunning music.
See you in a couple of days!

Mario Kart 8 is made entirely by Nintendo, with none of it being made by me. All that is mine is the playing and commentary : ).

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
Luigi's Mansion (Completed!) - Link
My main youtube page: Link

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 06.07.2014 11:08pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

2 - Flower Cup (100cc)

Here's the flower cup on 100cc, folks! I love 3 of the tracks here, with 1 being a little bit generic.

Tracks included:

- Mario Circuit (the generic one)
- Toad Harbour
- Twisted Mansion
- Shy Guy Falls

I love Twisted Mansion!

Thanks for watching! See you again! :)

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 06.21.2014 7:07pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

3 - Shell Cup (100cc)

Hey folks, it's been a while since the last episode huh? Well here's the Shell Cup on 100cc mode, which holds 4 retro tracks:

- Moo Moo Meadows: Simple little track with stunning orange sunshine.

- Mario Circuit: A little bit simple but it has been revamped so much since the original showing. The gravity really adds to it.

- Cheep Cheep Beach: Seriously good looking track with a stunning soundtrack. Love the colour of the water here.

- Toad's Turnpike: You thought it looked good before? Check this out! It has always been one of my favourite tracks from the series, but to see it all revamped like it so much!

Thanks for watching! See you around :).

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 07.10.2014 8:57pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.11.2014 at 7:47pm)

Let's Player

Episode 4 - Banana Cup (100cc)

Hey all, here comes the banana cup on 100cc mode! It's not my favourite cup, but it's still fun :). Here are the tracks:

Dry Dry Desert - I hate all things desert in games (and films, real life etc). This is a bit better though, because there's a water section.

Donut Plains 3 - Very plain (pun intended!). Again, it's not too bad, but it's never gonna get my vote when playing online ha.

Royal Raceway - Another not so great one for me. It's fine but there's nothing special about the track. Don't quite understand why it was brought to MK8?

DK Jungle - The best of the cup. The music is amazing DK stuff and the bongo enemies from the DK games too :D. Love this one.
Thanks for watching! More to come.

P.S. There'll be a cup per day now, for anyone watching this as we go. So...4 more main episodes! :)

5 - Star Cup (100cc)

Hey all, here's the Star Cup on 100cc mode! This is one of my favourite cups in the game:

Sunshine Airport - Or Delfino Airstrip? I really like how this reminds me so much of the airport map on Modern Warfare 2. Really colourful, sunny...everything a guy could ask for ;).

Dolphin Shoals - A nice underwater track with a few animals you may recognise from Yoshi's Story? Stunning stuff.

Electrodrome - I loooove these music tracks! The soundtrack is great, the colour scheme is great...hell, just have a quick look see why I like it so much ha!

Mount Wario - It may be named after him, but it's actually nothing to do with Wario lmao. This is one of the only tracks in the game to not really have a lap system. It's one long track with no repetition folks! I love snowy tracks too, so that's a big bonus. It reminds me of that DK track in Double Dash? Can't quite remember the name of it...

Thanks for watching! We'll check out another 4 tracks tomorrow in the Leaf Cup :).

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 07.12.2014 2:19pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.13.2014 at 12:56pm)

Let's Player

6 - Leaf Cup (100cc)

Hi everyone! We're back with the Leaf Cup, so more retro tracks are on their way :):

Wario Stadium - Probably the worst of the 4 tracks, but this is a great cup so it still is far from bad. I remember the mud used to really screw me over when I was little ha.

Sherbet Land - Absolutely stunning! Definitely one of my favourite tracks in the game and I'm so glad they brought it back! The dark ice and snow with that amazing music! 100% nostalgia too.

Melody Motorway - I love these music tracks! Riding along xylophones in time with the background music, especially when things really speed up for the final lap. Ooooh, so good.

Yoshi Valley - Pretty good! I like how there are multiple was to go, but none of them will slow you down so long as you use those bends properly. You can even go flying in a cannon if you pick the right way. By the way, look out for that giant yoshi's more evil than it looks 0_0.

Thanks for watching! We'll throw ourselves into the last cup with new tracks next time. This version of Rainbow Road is pretty damn special ;).

7 - Special Cup (100cc)

Hey all, here comes the last 4 new tracks in the game! There's some stunning stuff here...

Cloudtop Cruise - Remember those parts in the older Marios where you would go up in the clouds and collect loads of coins? I think this is what the track is supposed to represent. Also reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk ha. Nice enough. I quite like the thought of being so high up.

Bone Dry Dunes - While I don't like deserts, this one is done very differently. The red colour scheme and all the bone enemies everywhere is really nice.

Bowser's Castle - We all know what's coming here! This castle has a real feeling of huuuugeness. Wide corridors, statues, bowser flames pounding away at you (possibly the best effect in the game). One of the better tracks.

Rainbow Road - Another recurring track. A great futuristic feel. They kind of removed that feeling of outer space with all the stars and stuff though, which is a bit sad. Still stunning though.

Thanks for watching! Last of the cups next time! :)

8 - Lightning Cup (100cc)

Hey all, welcome to the last retro cup! I really like 2 of the tracks here while the other 2 are...fine ha:

Tick-Tock Clock - The soundtrack to this one is so great! I love the steampunk vibes with being inside a clock...I quite liked the world in Mario 64 too, so it's all very nostalgia based for me.

Pirhana Plant Pipeway - Possibly my least favourite track in the game. I really dislike the dinginess undergound and it just seems to drag for me. I'm sure it's not awful, but I'm not fussed.

Grumble Volcano - I'm on the fence here. I like how the track crumbles away after each lap, making it harder each round. It just somehow feels a little bit plain.

Rainbow Road - Yep, here's rainbow road! I love this! They've completely redesigned it all and made it feel like something half new. Great music, bright colours, more futuristic. Love it.

Thanks for watching! This is the last episode of the series, so I really hope you liked it. It's the first time I've really put the HD capture card to good effect, so I'm really proud of how it turned out.

If you'd like to see more of MK8, give me a comment//post/PM/ tweet and I'll make sure to give it a shot. I live to please lmao.

Thank yoooou!

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