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Let's Play Oracle of Ages!

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 08.30.2013 10:51pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player


Episode 24 - Ramrock's Many Faces

Welcome back all. This episode has a load of boss time, because he likes to switch between his different forms when he gets hurt enough. Each form has a different strategy too!


1) Swing your sword at the thrown fists to hit him back. The vid shows the proper timing.
2)Throw a bomb between the claws. This is tough to time and maneuver.
3) Shoot seeds at the wall at a time that will make them bounce into his back.
4) When a ball is shot, grab the other ball with the power glove and make it click 3 times. Release!
And that's it! Of course, we also collect the boss key and inventory item for the dungeon.

Thanks for watching! We'll head towards the end in the next episode, but there are still a couple of episodes left ;)

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
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My main youtube page: Link

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 09.01.2013 9:36pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 09.02.2013 at 1:31pm)

Let's Player


Episode 25 - The Black Tower seems that the Black Tower has reached the heavens! It's time for us to climb it and use the huge deku seed that we got from the Maku tree. There are plenty of traps and puzzles along the way, including a stairway maze and some flame chasing. There are also three bosses at the top. In this episode however, we only take on the first boss:

Veran (Queen Ambi form):

You'll remember this boss from that time...roughly between dungeons 6 and 7 I think. Mystery seed her when she starts firing, then long shot, then do a charged sword attack.

Hope to see you next time guys, when we finish off the Black Tower! There's still a bit more to the game though, since this is the sequel version...


Episode 26 - We're Being Watched...

Hey everyone, here comes the penultimate episode! We start off by completing the Black Tower:

Veran (Shadow Link Form):

- Kill the Shadow Links when you lose health. They always have hearts.
- Just charge your sword a few times and down she'll go!

Veran (Multiple Forms):

- When she's a beetle/turtle, wait for her to show her face and charge your sword. Make some distance when she's about to land.
- When she's a spider, hit her with a bomb and attack with your sword (don't charge).
- When she's a bee, just charge your sword.

We also make it to the final dungeon (Room of Rites) and beat the eye statue puzzle! Just go in the direction that none of the eyes are looking at each time.

Thanks for watching! The last episode will involve a few bosses and the end of the sequel version of the game! See you there :)

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 09.03.2013 9:26pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player


Episode 27 - Ganon's Appearance ~FIN~

Here comes the end of Oracle of Ages folks! It's also the end of this sorta weird dual let's play that we've played through. Sad times :'(

Anyways, a few bosses are within:

Koume and Kotake:
- Swing your sword so that the ice spell hits the fire witch (or the other way around). Think back to that minigame/shop in the village.

- Swing away with your sword and use a scent seed when she turns multicoloured.
- Look out for the spikes (roc's feather) and the lava pits.

- Charge your sword and hit away.
- Only attack when he hasn't attacked yet/has already attacked. Not in the middle of one of his attacks.

And there go the credits and end story! Hope you've enjoyed this series! There may be a bit of a break until the next series starts. Personal stuff that I'll explain more about in a vlog soon :)

Of course, comments and feedback are always welcome.

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