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Let's Play Oracle of Seasons!

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 07.09.2013 12:54am
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.09.2013 at 9:51pm)

Let's Player

Hey all, here's the opening to my next Let's Play! It's gonna be something a little bit closer to home than Killer7 and something I can talk about more. Oracle of Seasons was made partially by Capcom and partially by Nintendo from my understanding. It's part of a pair of Zelda games that were meant to be played one after the other (the other being Oracle of Ages).

I made absolutely nothing in this video. Within the series, the only thing that will be mine is the gameplay and not the music, art, characters, story etc. They belong to Nintendo and Capcom.

I hope you follow my journey through the land of Holodrum and meet some rather unique characters.

I'd like to say thanks to those of you who have been watching my stuff so far too. It's much, much appreciated :)

Oh, maybe a bit more info is necessary. For those of you who don't know your cuckoos from your Impas, Zelda is an adventure game where you travel across great lands and enter dangerous dungeons (including puzzles) to find a load of key items that will eventually allow you into the final dungeon. It's all real-time, so you'll be swinging your sword and the enemies will be falling pretty quickly.

To be quite honest here, one of my favourite aspects of the Zelda series is the soundtrack. Hope you enjoy that too :)

Here is a bit more info for you all, straight from a pretty reliable wiki:

So, I'll see you around starting tomorrow or the next day. Be warned though: I'm recording using a dazzle on Windows 8...and it's not working out so well. This'll just mean that there will be a day or two in between each upload on the odd occasion :)

Episode 1 - A Slobber Filled Opening

Welcome all to the brand new series! Oracle of Seasons already feels like a much needed improvement over Killer7, so I'm incredibly happy with the results. I just hope other people are just as happy with it :s

This episode has all of the opening as well as the introduction of Onox, Din, Link, Maku and a few other less important NPCs. We find the courage that we need to visit Maku by going through the Hero Cave and find our way to the entrance of the first dungeon!

Also we get to name a baby :p . What to call an incredibly cute baby like that?

Oh, we also find out about gasha seeds and rings too. They'll come in pretty handy, I'm sure :)

Plus we get the shield and sword! Bloody hell...what an opening ha.

Thank you sooo much for watching. It means a lot :)

*Pops a sleeping bubble and gets splattered with spit :( *

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
Luigi's Mansion (Completed!) - Link
My main youtube page: Link

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 07.10.2013 12:24pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 2 - A Guide To Cuccoo Raising

Welcome to the Gnarled Root dungeon, folks! This place is pretty simple and is basically just there to introduce us to the whole dungeon formula. Mini-boss (Goriya Brothers), boss key and boss (Aquamentus) included ;)

Goriya Brothers Strategy:

- Focus on attacking a single brother all the way through. They share health.
- Watch out for the boomerang. It can hurt a wee bit at this point in the game.
- Charge your sword to deal more damage.

Aquamentus Strategy:

- The weak point is the horn. Go for broke!
- It's debatable whether it's quicker to attack normally or to charge your sword. Personal preference, folks!
-He deals a lot of damage so avoid his charge and only go near him when he's near the exit on the right side of the room.

We also do a few little side-questy things. A heart piece, a money-giving sage and the start of the trading sidequest are all ever so cleverly interwoven into the episode that I shock myself.

Look here to see where to get and use the cuccodex...we'll see what to do with the next item some time later.

Thanks for watching people. See you next time? :)

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 07.11.2013 3:48pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player


Episode 3 - Subrosian Delight!

Hello everyone, it's good to see you back! This episode includes our journey to Subrosia (hell on earth?), where we gain the boomerang and rod of seasons. Both will be incredibly helpful as we carry on. This includes both the sneaky stealth part with a mysterious girl with a bow and the dancing minigame (which can be toughish if you aren't paying attention).

We also head through the Winter Forest with our new Winter-unleashing rod. It's a bit of a maze, but once you get the shovel in the cabin, it's not so bad.

And that's where we find level 2: Snake's Remains. To see these dungeons being called "levels" is so strange, but it's ok ha.

Thanks for watching. I'll see you next time?

P.S. Song of Storms is amaaaaaazing and it's nice that it got another appearance after OoT :D

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 07.13.2013 12:08am
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.13.2013 at 5:45pm)

Let's Player


Episode 4 - King Dodongo's Facade

Hello all! Here's dungeon 2: Snake's Remains! It's not too tough, but there are one or two new concepts to look out for. Most notably the rotating floor (orange and blue). The secret room is also shown, to help you to earn some more rupees (quite a few too!). Also, the miniboss and boss...


Facade strategy:

- Throw bombs on top of the face just before it appears
- Avoid the holes in the floor by running around a lot
- When he blows fire throw two bombs while you keep moving

King Dodongo Strategy:

- Throw a bomb into his mouth when he breathes in air
- Use the power bracelet right away to pick him up and throw him at the spikes
- Avoid his charging move by just stepping out of the way
- ...don't walk on the spikes :p


Wow, bombs are so useful this time around, huh? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one. Next time we'll make a move onto dungeon 3, but not before we do some sidequesty stuff and do some travelling etc. Thanks for watching :)
Episode 5 - Ghastly Floodgates!

Hey all, let's kick things off by meeting Maple the witch's apprentice! This swaps out the lon lon egg for a ghastly doll, which we also trade for the iron pot. More on that later.

Along the way to dungeon 3, we also take on Blaine at the boxing ring and give the reward to Ricky the kangaroo. We actually get to control him and earn him as a pet (Ricky's Flute will come in handy). We also pay baby Green a visit and end up forking out a hell of a lot to cure his nice of us :D.

Finally, we grab the floodgate key and use it at the lock.

I hope you've enjoyed, folks. Next time we'll have to find ourselves a new seasonal power! :)

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 07.14.2013 12:38pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 6 - Rosa's Summer Vacation

Hello all, it's time to find Summer! We'll use Ricky to find the portal and please a special lady! Rosa needs her bow and that can only be found at the subrosian market. However, we need a star-shaped ore to get that.

After giving her the bow, we have access to a skeleton key, that will unlock every door in the underworld. 'course, this leads to a new entrance at the temple.

We also gain our first of 4 jewels today; the square jewel. More on that later.

I hope you've enjoyed this one. Subrosia sure is an interesting place, ja? See you next time when we head into dungeon 3: the Poison Moth's Lair!

P.S. How to expand your bomb bag size is in here too.

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 07.15.2013 12:39pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 7 - Mothula's Birthing Ordeal

Why hello all. This episode is all about level 3: Poison Moth's Lair. This includes the usual mini-boss, boss and everything in between!
The dungeon may have a bit more of a confusing layout, but it's still relatively easy, especially since they did away with the rotating floor panels this time around. Just so long as you do a few things in the right order, this place will be a cinch ;)


Calamarye Strategy:
- Pick the squids out of the water when they pop their heads out (power bracelet)
- Attack constantly when they're out
- Do this to one squid at a time. Don't pull them all out
- Watch they don't jump on you...they seem pretty random

Mothula Strategy:
- Jump onto one of the platforms in the middle
- Swing like mad when she lands
- Attack all the little moths to gain hearts
- Avoid her orange blobs when she's flying around


The Roc's Feather is the item of the day! I love this item and it's probably my favourite in the game. *boing boing*

I hope you enjoyed this episode...I'm just glad it went alright ha. See you next time :)

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 07.16.2013 8:03pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 8 - Gales and Floods!

Hey again folks, it's time for us to head to the Sunken City! It's a bit of a trek, but we get there quickly enough with Ricky's help. Cliff-climbing, jumping over holes...the usual. He's apparently scared of medicine though lmao.

We get ourselves the Gale Seeds (which is the last type of seed). These allow us to teleport around the world map, but only to places that have a seed tree. We also get the Zora Flippers, which allow us to swim and dive. Finally, we make it to the next area.

See you next time when we check all that out :D

P.S. I forgot to mention our visit to King Moblin's tower. That heart piece is probably the most interesting to get, so it's worth a look :)

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 07.17.2013 10:08pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.18.2013 at 12:02pm)

Let's Player


Episode 9 - Most Foolish Item

Hey everyone! It's time for us to grab ourselves the 3rd seasonal power: Spring! This means a little journey into Subrosia, but it's gonna be a bit more sidequesty this time. Yes, we get Spring, and yes we get something stolen in order to gain our Fool's Ore (best item ever!), but we also find the optional Membership Card and swap the Iron Pot for some Lava Soup.

Aaaaand, we're back on the overworld! We find some bananas for Moosh (the last of the unique animals that will help us) and use him to find the Dragon Key. All that's left now is to find the keyhole and the dungeon entrance.

See you next time, good sirs and madams ;)


Episode 10 - Meet The Gorons!

Hey all, only a short one today. Loooooads of sidequesty stuff, but it goes pretty quick and all that. This includes:

- Getting the level 2 ring box (which allows us to carry 3 rings)
- Swapping the lava soup for the goron vase (giant goron! Wooo!)
- Grabbing another heart piece (sorry about the slight muck up here)
- Acquiring the pyramid jewel (2 down, 2 to go!)
- Meeting a sleeping man (watch this space!)

Also, we do something we actually need to do right now, and that's finding the dragon keyhole! Also, we make it to level 4, which we'll be making a start on next episode. We may finish it in one episode...who can say right now.

Thanks so much for watching. See you in a bit :)

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 07.20.2013 1:21pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player


Episode 11 - Dancing Dragons

Ok, I've got to wonder why this is called the dancing dragon dungeon, but even so it's a fun one. The water actually makes this place more interesting as opposed to in most games where the water is just annoying.

I hope you enjoy this one's the first time we haven't finished the dungeon in a single episode, but there's not much left anyway. Also, you've got to love the new item you gain from this dungeon. I don't want to say what it is right here...but it's certainly nice to see it return from OoT!

Oh yeah, the miniboss! Agahnim is a bit of a twat, but here we go:


Agahnim Strategy:

- Light the two pots with ember seeds whenever they run out
- Restock ember seeds with the grass around the outside
- Look for the enemy with the shadow and stab him a few times
- Avoid those fire balls. Easier said than done ;)


Thanks for watching folks! See you next time :)

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 07.21.2013 2:17pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.22.2013 at 11:56am)

Let's Player

Episode 12 - Ghoma's A Crab Now?

Hey all, it's time for us to finish level 4! Dancing Dragon Dungeon only has a few obstacles left for us now so it won't take long. We find us the boss key and head onwards to fight Ghoma! I swear she was a spider in Ocarina of Time...wonder why they changed her?


Ghoma Strategy:

- Hack away at the claw, while stepping back when she lifts the claw
- Repeat until the claw is gone
- When the eye is open, shoot seeds with the slingshot. The ember and scent seeds definitely work. I can't say for the others
- Kill all the smaller enemies. They give health and seeds


We also do a hell of a lot of item trading and finish off the entire sequence! Well...we get onto the last item anyways :D

See you next time when we make our way to level 5! Thanks for watching :)


Episode 13 - 4 Seasons Collected!

Hey all, just a short episode today because I didn't want to start the dungeon until the start of an episode.

Will we grab our last seasonal power (Fall/Autumn) in Subrosia? Will we make it to level 5? Have a look see! ;)

P.S. So much detail in this post it's unreal.

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 07.23.2013 7:54pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player


Episode 14 - Digging For Unicorns

Hey all, here comes level 5! The Unicorn's Cave is pretty watery once again. Plenty of carts too. But will we make it through, even after the Bowser heads kill us? Will we be able to beat Syger and Digdogger? Finding that new item in the dungeon may be tough too.


Syger Strategy:

- Hit the red part of the tail (only once per time he stops!)
- Charging your sword will deal more damage each time
- Watch for the different attack patterns he has and try to avoid. This is harder than it sounds


Digdogger Strategy:

- His attacks are easy enough to avoid. Watch his shadow
- Use the north part of the magnetic gloves to attract the spikeball and hit him with it
- Use the south side to repel it away from you...and hopefully hit the boss too
- Kill every little enemy when it splits up, by using the spikeball


Take a quick look if you fancy finding out ;)

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 07.25.2013 12:35pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.25.2013 at 12:44pm)

Let's Player

Episode 15 - The Most Noble Of Ruins

Hey there folks! It's time for us to trek on over to level 6! This includes a quick jewel hunt in order to gain entrance to the ruins. Speaking of the ruins, it can be pretty tough to make it through because of the amount of season changing you need to do, but we get through quick enough.

We also expand our seed satchel and find the Noble Sword! Finally...we finish off the item trading sidequest, so that's done now.
Oh oh oh! Outside level 6, we meet a new villain! I wonder who she is...

Thanks so much for watching :)

P.S. Is the one area called the Lost Woods? It really wouldn't surprise me.

Mmm, I'm losing motivation to make these LPs a bit. I've always been someone who has selfishly made these videos in order to amuse myself (I started off because I was depressedish after leaving uni).
However, during the course of my LPing, I've sort of come to learn that you need comments/subscribers to push you along and make it all more interesting and engaging.

Lately however, the subs have dropped a bit and the views have just dived to under 10 views per video, so I dunno. Maybe I'll just take a break.

/random post

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 07.28.2013 5:13pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 16 - Manhandling In The Ruins

Ok, so this episode is a wee bit longer than usual, but it gets the entire dungeon done so it's worth it. Vire is an easy enough minboss; just wait for him to get close enough and spin attack him.

As for the...Manhandla (lol!), use the roc feather to jump over the quicksand a lot and use the boomerang to hit the heads off. You'll also want to hit the main body a load of times with the boomerang and then stab his insides with your sword when it shows.

The new inventory item improves an old one so much. I'm sure you can guess what it is from the boss description ha.
See you next time when we head towards dungeon 7! In a bit :)

P.S. Rotating floor is not as fun as it sounds :(

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 07.29.2013 6:07pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player


Episode 17 - Yaaaargh!

Hey all, it's about time we made our way to level 7, ja? This involves heading through the desert and meeting a few pirates who're a bit out of sorts. The rusty bell certainly takes a bit of effort to find and make usable but we get there.

We also make our level 2 shield by finding some special ore around Subrosia.

The cemetery is a bit of a letdown. I love those sorts of areas in games, but it only takes up a few squares of the map and is over pretty much as soon as we get there. Still, the dungeon is gonna hold a fright or two, so look forward to that one!
See you in the Explorer's Crypt! :)

P.S. I put a few transition effects in for when I cut the episode up. Hope they turned out ok :/

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 07.31.2013 6:02pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 08.02.2013 at 12:23pm)

Let's Player

Episode 18 - Exploring The Crypt

Hey all, it's time to make a start on the horror dungeon! It may be may be a bit creepy...but it's not hard. The unique concept will take a bit of getting used to, but just remember that there are three minibosses this time around and you'll be fine.

When fighting the minibosses, keep the torches lit or you're gonna lose. It's more important to keep them lit than to hit the ghosts, for sure.

Also, look out for the unique item from this dungeon! I love it so much :D

Thanks for watching guys. We'll finish this dungeon off in the next episode ;)

Episode 19 - Meet The Poe Sisters!

Hey all! We need to finish off the Explorer's Crypt, so let's do just that! The miniboss happens to be the Poe Sisters, who're pretty tough when they're together. Just make sure to keep all the torches lit (and prioritise this over dealing damage) and you'll be fine. Just take down one sister at a time if possible ;)

We also get to meet Gleeok, who just wants you to charge your sword up and swing away at hertwo heads at the same time. There's no point beating one before the other, because the heads regenerate. She's got some pretty damaging attacks, so chuck the roc's cape on to avoid her at all costs. Once she transforms, jump when she jumps and charge sword otherwise.

We also grab two more heart pieces, which takes us up another heart container. Fiiinally, we make our way to dungeon 8! Who knew we would do all that in a single episode? :D

Thanks for watching folks! Dungeon 8 is gonna be the last proper dungeon and will be...interesting ;) . Byes!

P.S. Our last time in Subrosia! Sad Greeny :'(

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