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Let's Play Resident Evil With Jill

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 06.04.2012 1:16pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 06.05.2012 at 1:14pm)

Let's Player

We head to the aqua ring for episode 11!

The aqua ring is incredibly small and is pretty much sorted in this 1 episode. We also meet Richard down there...
We fight the surprisingly tough Plant 42 in episode 12!

With its effective long-range attacks and the ability to pull you down off the balcony above, this is a tough boss which you definitely need to prepare yourselves for. We don't even have the flame rounds that Jill had, making it a magnum and shotgun battle. Once we're done, however, we make our way to the Residence exit, ready to head back to the mansion with our newly found key :)

Thanks for watching! :)
We explore the basement in episode 13...

Turns out there are some new inhabitants in the mansion, ready to stop us from exploring the last remaining rooms. Well, let's get started then!


We head to the library in episode 14!

The library isn't as safe and peaceful as you would expect...but is anything in this mansion? We also find a battery, ready for a bit later on.

Enjoy! :)

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
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My main youtube page: Link

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 06.07.2012 12:24am
Thread Creator (Edited on 06.07.2012 at 4:36pm)

Let's Player

Hey guys, this is late night posting for me, so just the videos and maybe a line of description :)
We find Rebecca in a bit of a pickle in episode 15!

Rebecca decides to get attacked and we leave the mansion once more to find ourselves in some caves.


We find a spider to squish in episode 16!

We make a proper start on the caves, including a puzzle or two along with a very venomous boss...

Enjoy! :)

We escape the caves in episode 17!

The cylinder shaft puzzle is pretty much the biggest thing to happen in this episode, although there is plenty of Lisa Trevor to be seen ;)


We finally escape the mansion for the last time in episode 18!

Lots going on in this episode guys! We return to the mansion and finish it off, we finish off the invincible Lisa Trevor and we make a start on the final area: the laboratory.

Only 1 more day of REmake left now guys! The last few episodes will be uploaded and posted tomorrow sometime. Enjoy! :)

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 06.08.2012 9:42pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

We meet the chimera in episode 19!

The labs are full of computers, passwords, videos, fuel capsules and, perhaps the most deadly, Chimeras (Chimeri?). Those gamecubes are a bit of a bugger to find. Oh! There's also a boss and some Wesker in this episode too ;)


We get to meet the most annoying robot in the world in episode 20!

While the doors are all deactivated and, so we are told time and time again, are also all unlocked, we make our way to the lab prison cell to save a certain someone. We also make our way to the exit, ready for the grand finale...


We escape via helicopter in episode 21!

We fight the last boss and make our way out of the area for a great explosion. Such a relief for the survivors I'm sure...I wonder if everyone survives this time around?

And that is the last of the REmake series! Any comments, suggestions, questions or whatever, chuck them here and I'll make sure to get back to you.

Thanks so much for watching guys! The trailer for the next series will be up tomorrow...I'm hoping it's not too niche or anything, but I hope you'll like it anyways. Thanks again! :D

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