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Let's Play Wild Arms!

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 05.16.2014 7:12pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 05.17.2014 at 2:11pm)

Let's Player

Episode 40 - Walk Like An Egyptian

Hi all, are you ready for the Dead Sanctuary? It's not half as drab as it sounds. It's actually quite colourful and egyptiany. Maybe that's just me :/.

Keep an eye out for the statue puzzle. It's a bit of a corker :s.

Thanks for watching! We'll finish this place off next time and probably make a start on dungeon 3 of this section :).

Episode 41 - The Boomerang Returns

And welcome back! It's about time for us to finish off the Dead Sanctuary...but it looks like Luceid and Boomerang are gonna try and get in the way once again. Just go all out against Luceid and then Boomerang, keeping your health up along the way, and you'll be fine.

Also, there are the meowing clowns. They say the cat-clowns are the worst kinds of clowns. I hear that at the dead of night, they purr behind your bedroom door, ready to lick you to death 0_0.

Because we've completed both the Demon's Lab and the Dead Sanctuary, we get automatically taken to a new dungeon without the chance to heal up: the Gate Generator.

Thanks for watching! We'll make a start on this place next time! :)

Episode 42 - Generating The Void

Hey all, welcome to the Gate Generator! Chasing down Zed all the way, we come across so many obstacles! From electric floors, to trap levers, to a boss fight against both Diablo and Ziekfried, there's a whole lot going on this ep.

It looks like Rudy is really injured at the end, but not so much as Ziekfried! The formula's about to change folks...I can feel it in me waters!

Thanks for watching! We'll check out what's going on with Rudy and Ziekfried next time :).

Episode 43 - 1,000 Years Ago...

Hey again, it looks like we can't use Rudy for a while now, so we're down to a 2 character party. In order to save him, we need to talk to a certain elw girl...but even she can't do anything! She can bleed everywhere though; no doubt about that.

And so we head back a thousand years and wander overĀ  to a new elw village! We grab the spirit key (must get!) from the elderly men and head out!

Well...we will next time lmao. Thanks for watching! :)

Episode 44 - Lost Woods

Welcome to the Lost Woods! Well not's a fair bit tougher than that. Welcome to the Forest Prison! lmao.

A million different directions to go in, with only your opened treasure chests to show you where you've been. That and a bloody stump. More on that thing later...and later...and later...

We also make use of that spirit key and earn ourselves the Life Rune. If you don't get this now, then you'll just have to come back for it later, so y'know, you may as well do it now.

Vassim's Lab is a nice, small, quiet place. A pleasant welcome after that forest maze :/. Looks like we're leaving Rudy here as somewhere safe for him to rest.

This is where we find out that we need 2 runes in order to heal Rudy. The Life Rune that we got in the forest, and the Illusion Rune (or something similar) for De La Metallica.

Thanks for watching! Looks like we're hitting the books next time! That place is a nightmare... :D

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
Luigi's Mansion (Completed!) - Link
My main youtube page: Link

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 05.18.2014 2:25pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 45 - Library Of Metalica

Hey all, it's about time for us to head to De La Metalica, which is quite possibly the most puzzling dungeon in the game. From the bookcase puzzle, to the treasure chest puzzle, to that puzzle where you have to figure out left or right from's all pretty tricky.

Thankfully there's no boss guarding the Hades Rune, so we don't have to worry about that.

Oh yeah! I talked about it in the vid, but here's a summary. For Cecilia's best book, you need to get to the save point area and find the Necromon enemy (a green, flying book) and case Hi-Prison on it. Then use Mystic on your bone item and use it on the same enemy. Unfortunately, we don't have Hi-Prison so we couldn't get can't return here after either.

Thanks for watching! We'll head back to Rudy next time, now that we have both of the necessary runes :).

Episode 46 - Inside Rudy's Head

Hey everyone, it's time for a veeery plot-heavy episode. Not much walking around or anything this time. However, it gives us a while lot of background story for Rudy and there are some stunning backdrops that I really think are worth checking out.

With Rudy back up and running, we're back to a full party, but not before we take on Elizabeth with only Cecilia! Some might think that this boss would be tough with only your spellcaster to help you, but nope. Just cast Holy (or Saint) all the way through, while using Heal every now and again when you need it. I apologise for making the boss take a bit longer than necessary. I didn't realise she would be healed...

Thanks for watching! We'll make a use of our brand new vehicle next time (made entirely by the ever-intelligent Emma)! Byes! :)

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 05.19.2014 6:35pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 47 - Gemini Stelazzio?

Hello folks, let's head on over to the Gemini's Corpse, shall we? Tricky to locate imo, but we get there. The whole dungeon has a gimmick where you have to collect jewels and place them in certain statues. It's one of my more liked dungeons.

Thanks for watching! We'll carry on with the dungeon next time and possibly a wee bit more :).


Episode 48 - A Powerful Circuit

Hi again! It's time for us to finish the Gemini's Corpse and obtain our Circuit! There are a couple of problems though...

1) Mech Drake boss: The usual strategy will take this guy down.

2) The other circuit that Jane and Bart were grabbing has been lost to the bottom of the sea. More on this next time.

We also fill up our inventory items and upgrade the Phaser arm a million times. It's much more powerful than the rocket launcher when fully upgraded. Finally, we grab a few new spells. Sorted!

Thanks for watching! We'll go for the other circuit next time...which isn't a dungeon, don't worry lmao. Bye!

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 05.20.2014 7:56pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 49 - It's Pandemonium!!!

Hey everyone! Pandemonium is one of my favourite dungeons because of how each character affects the path of another. Always loved that form of co-op in games. I remember there being a minigame similar to all this in a Mario Party. Kept playing it over and over :D.

We also grab the optional Sword Rune which heightens strength so much! Shall we give it to Cecilia? ;)

I probably should have mentioned this first, but we also find the other Gemini Circuit. Easy times there.

Thanks for watching! Plenty more of Pandemonium to come :)

Episode 50 - Separated In Pandemonium

Hellos! Here comes the rest of Pandemonium, which ends up being one of the tougher dungeons, but at the same time it's possibly my favourite. The battles are hard and cheap, sure, but the puzzles and the way that the characters split up in order to make it through is amazing. I mean, they don't choose to split up but...y'know. We also get to play as Hanpan for a bit! Dream come true lmao. that you don't take on the first boss (Demon P.) when you only have Rudy. Bad times lmao. We do need to take care of him with a full party though, which is easy enough with the usual strategy (Phaser should be pretty great by now).

Thanks for watching! We'll beat the last boss of this dungeon next time (really quick) and head on to our last "normal" dungeon (possibly)! :)
Episode 51 - Shazam!

And hello again! The last boss of Pandemonium is now all done, along with the dungeon itself! We also see a bit of Jack and Harken's past relationship. There's not a lot more to this ep, because it's all in the story.

Thanks for watching! We'll head for the last "normal" dungeon next time ;).

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 05.21.2014 10:53pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 05.22.2014 at 8:44pm)

Let's Player

Episode 52 - Cold Castle

Hello one and all to the final "normal" dungeon! Arctica Castle is all pretty basic, but I quite like that about it. No gimmicks or anything. It does showcase some of Jack's past with Harken though.

As for the boss fight against her, just do the basics. Y'know how it is ;).

We also grab the last optional rune that we'll be getting. Hell, it's the last optional anything we'll be doing. Next time we'll be heading for the final dungeon! Well, there are 2 joining last dungeons, but still. Thanks for watching! :)

Episode 53 - Ka Dingel

Hi everyone, let's start the end of the game, shall we? Ka Dingel is quite possibly the most annoying thing in the worldiverse. Loads of directions to go feels really badly designed to me. Still, we make it through.

We take on Luceid and Boomerang for the last time though, which is nice. Kill wolfy first and then Boomerang. Same as usual. He's so nice to us though :(.

A few puzzles are within as we head through too. They aren't completely simple ones either...

Thanks for watching! We'll finish Ka Dingel and make a good start on the final, final dungeon next time. Byes! :)

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 05.23.2014 7:28pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 54 - To The Moon!

Hi everyone! This time around, we're finishing off Ka Dingel, which includes taking on Alhazad for the final time! We all know the strategy for beating the bosses ha.

We then teleport on over to the moon for the final dungeon: Malduke! This place is pretty damn big, with 3 mini-dungeons to take on within along with the main dungeon. Who knew that in the moon, there would be a pipe maze and an amazing new sword for Jack (100-200 more attack power!). Not to be missed! There's new equipment for the others too but...they're not half as good.

Thanks for watching! We'll beat the 3 mini-dungeons next time! :)

Episode 55 - The Tri-Dungeon

Hey all, it's time for us to collect the 3 holy keys! To do this, we need to visit the 3 mini-dungeons:

Residential Area - Head to the cemetery and examine behind the large grave. Done.

Mine Area - Like I say in the vid, I show the wrong eye. To find the correct eye, go to the guidance slab at the start and head through the right exits 3 times. You'll then be at the lava area. Go through the bottom left exit and open the chest. Done.

Statue Area - This one is too long to explain ha. Check the vid to make it through all the ladder/wreckage/door switching parts :).

Thanks for watching! We'll actually continue the main dungeon next time. Actually, we'll make a start on the last bosses :o.

P.S. The last 2 episodes will be uploaded tomorrow. We're almost done! :)

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 05.24.2014 10:21pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 56 - Zeikfried's Berieal

Hey all, are you ready for the last 2 episodes? Well, here they are! The very last episode will be uploaded straight after this one.

For now, here's the last of Melduke with 3 bosses included. It also shows where to place the 3 holy keys (arms, wings and eye).

Thanks for watching! See you for the grand finale ;).

Episode 57 - The End ~FIN~

[align=left]And hello again! It has been a long old trek, but we made it to the end! This vid shows the last boss fight against Zeikfried along with the end credits. There's also plenty of plot showing what happens to the characters afterwards, but I'll leave it to you guys to check that stuff out :).
[/align]Thanks so much for watching the series! Means a lot :). Gimme a shout about what sort of games you'd like to see in the future, even if it's just a genre or console, and I'll make sure to take them into consideration or at least say why I couldn't record that game. Hope to you see you around :).

P.S. All comments are welcome in this thread or over on Youtube. In fact, I'd love them ;).

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