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The Let's Play Tech Thread

 03.21.2013 7:55am
Thread Creator


I'm curious what everyone else is using to put up their videos. From discussion on upload sites such as youtube and viddler to capture hardware/software to editing software. I just getting started and was hoping for some advice in terms of capturing/editing/encoding... so, y'know, ANY advice I guess.

So far I've been working with an Hauppage HD PVR to capture from a console and FRAPS or Xsplit to capture from my computer. I can't say I'd recommend picking up the Hauppage due to it occasionally cutting audio on my tv's side (the computer's feed doesn't seem to cut out though), other than that, it works. I switch between FRAPS and Xsplit depending on the game and how long I'm going to sit down and record. for 10-30 minute intervals, FRAPS is perfect, beyond that, the file sizes can be well over 10 gigs... a bit much.

For editing I've been using Premiere Pro, works great aside from a steep difficulty curb starting out. I've got the hang of it now and sooner or later I'll have to learn how to properly use After Effects to up the production quality.

Encoding is where I'm getting the most issues, I'm fairly certain I've got it worked out properly for youtube (H.264 video AAC audio) but any options beyond that and I'm lost.

The threads not only for advice for me, I'm more curious if there are better options or any hurdles in terms of tech that others are having.

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 03.21.2013 1:08pm

The King's orders are absolute

I don't really use anything fancy for my Let's Plays at present, but I do need to invest in a Hauppage eventually if I want to have quality video for the PSP LPs I want to do like Persona 3 Portable. So far, most of my LPs have been done via NES and SNES emulators that have built-in recording features. I play the game while recording a movie in the program, then after I finish, I replay that movie while converting the footage into AVI files which get separated into 3:21 long files that are roughly 1.95GBs in size apiece. I've just been using Windows Movie Maker for editting.

I've also been using a Pinnacle Dazzle for recordings I've done off my Nintendo Wii. For the most part, it's been pretty good, but I have had some issues with lost frames of gameplay at times. I don't know if that was because of the recording program it came packaged with, or if my laptop is not powerful enough. I haven't had any luck capturing gameplay from my PS3 yet, I tried to do a fight from Persona 4 Arena once and that was just a mess as the computer/program/device just could not keep up.

For my commentary audio, I've been using a Snowflake USB microphone since I started FFIV. I record the audio using Audacity. It's been working good for me.

Let's Play Chrono Trigger
Let's Play The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Let's Play Final Fantasy VI

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 03.21.2013 8:29pm

Let's Player

I just use the Dazzle with Pinnacle recording software to record, while recording audio with Audacity and a Logitech mic at the same time. Also, I edit with Sony Vegas.

This setup has been used for a few months now, and it seems to come out ok with GB, N64, Gamecube, Wii and PS1 games. I'm assuming it would be fine with PS2, Nes and Snes games too (depending on what cables they use and if the Dazzle supports it etc). As for PS3 games, naturally the Dazzle doesn't support HD so it doesn't look amazing, but the text in the videos is still readable, and you can see what's going on and all that.

As for the encoding...I followed a video exactly for those of you who use Vegas and a Dazzle:

(Gimme a shout if the video gets in the way of the thread or whatever. Or take it down if you're a mod, if you like).

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
Luigi's Mansion (Completed!) - Link
My main youtube page: Link

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 03.22.2013 12:20am

Genitals are Funny

I don't really make LPs but i have recorded, edited and uploaded stuff for friends before. Mainly use FRAPS to record, edit with Vegas Pro 12 and upload to youtube. For me the biggest thing was changing my encoding settings. For a very long time i was encoding to WMV format because i watched a video telling me i should. Then i was told im an idiot and should be encoding to MP4, and yeah i should have ben encoding to MP4. It's so much better. So my advice to you is encode to MP4.

For capture card, been told this is a good oneĀ Find something cheap if you just want to do 720p

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