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Final Kefka.

 09.05.2013 5:16am
Thread Creator

Coffee Warrior

This is a gameplay video I made to demonstrate the new final boss I included in my hack, Stand Guard.

I saw so many people toiling about endlessly trying to change the game to make it harder, by modifying ALL the stats of EVERY monster.

I thought "that's too much goddamn work, and it's pissing all over the work the original programmer did."

So I just made Kefka a merciless bastard, like he's supposed to be.


~ Spoons

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 09.05.2013 12:49pm

Formerly Furysetzer

I think this might be better served in the Let's Play videos. Anyway, your Genji Glove/ Offering Setzer took too long to finish his attacks. It looked like Terra hardly got any turns after Morph, and Kefka didn't really do much. It didn't look like Kefka was modified any from my perspective.

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 09.05.2013 3:31pm

Crono can cross dimensions too!

I have to agree with Fury.  If you want to show how badass Kefka is in your iteration, don't have your godlike team rape him in the demo.

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 09.05.2013 5:24pm
Thread Creator

Coffee Warrior

Wise asses. :)

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