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The FFVII Fanfic I Never Wrote

 07.04.2013 7:35pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.04.2013 at 11:50pm)

Give Life Back To Music

Once upon time, I was creative and really excited about games. Sometimes the latter is still true, the former, not so much. Not only have I realized I'm not talented enough to be a writer, I also ain't got time for that shit. XD Still, I came up with some cool ideas for a fanfic/sequel game I thought I'd finally share. It's all going to be in point form because I never progressed far into the writing process and my memory is foggy. Of course, some things were retconned by subsequent Compilation entries, so I've adapted around that.


-Set 400 years after the original game, essentially when you see the epilogue with Red XIII and his kids.

-Shinra/SOLDIER (Retcon: World Regeneis Organization?) forces are now a government military/police force completely independent of its past. Shinra Electric Power company still exists but relies on fossil fuels to provide power.

-Midgar is overgrown as seen in the epilogue cutscene is thought to be abandoned...

-Kalm (Retcon: Edge? I guess Kalm still works) has grown into a large city reminiscent of Midgar without the slums but retains the 'Sector' layout.

-Cosmo Canyon appears, now home to podracing-esque air race league originally founded by Cid Highwind. Dieselpunk planes very reminiscent of 1930s racing planes.


-Hero Boy (thought of the name Koji. Yeah, I was kinda weaboo at the time). Wields a small sword or possibly gunblade. Black spiky animeish hair...basically typical anime hero kid. Lower middle-class, lives at home with his single mother in Kalm. Dad died tragically, undetermined backstory. He's around 18, decided to join Shinra (WRO), now that he's finishing school and doesn't know what to do with his life.

-Hero Girl looks kind of like Rinoa. 17 or 18, also lives in Kalm. Never thought of a name. Rebellious, troubled past, sent to join Shinra (WRO) Academy in Kalm by her well-to-do parents as a form of boot camp. Wears Shinra (WRO) combat uniform reminiscent of Galbadian Soldiers from FFVIII. Potential love interest for Hero Boy, they meet in the Academy. Has to work through her angsty shit.

-Pilot Girl. Wields wrench/tools? 16 or 17, descendent of Cid Highwind, tomboyish, red hair in a braid, wears racing pilot suit, youngest pilot to compete in the air race. Even though I never watched Firefly at the time, she's the typical pilot/mechanic/etc girl reminiscent of Kaylee but without the accent. Joins the party when they visit Cosmo Canyon, obviously. They help her compete, she decides to be their airship pilot and help save the world! Potential other love interest for Hero Boy?

-Magic Guy. Name Jakob? Wields halberd. Tall, slim but muscular, mid-20s or 30s, long silver hair and green eyes like Sephiroth. Somehow connected, probably a descendent of an original subject of the Jenova Project. As such, has magical powers. I don't remember where he was from or a lot of his backstory, if I had even devised one yet. Maybe he was from Cosmo Canyon, a disciple of the school of Bugenhagen perhaps? Oh yes, I remember now. Sephiroth's soul/will/whatever tries to manifest himself in him because of the Jenova connection, and he has to fight against it. A battle of wills! But now that they did that in Advent Children it would be lame.

-Cloud Strife. Effects of Mako exposure during the Jenova Project have artificially extended his lifespan. Now a grumpy old hermit who lives alone on a mountain (near Wutai perhaps?), he's troubled by losing everyone he cared about because of his long lifespan. But especially Tifa who died in an accident a few years after the events of FFVII (Retcon: after Dirge of Cerberus). Can't have Cloud without some angst, right? looool. I dunno about that now though. Maybe I want the guy to be happy for awhile. He can be angsty about losing everyone when they got old and he didn't. Decides to take up the Buster Sword once more to save the planet one final time.

-Red XIII makes a cameo appearance but does not join the party.

-Other party members, but I hadn't thought of them yet.


-Hero Boy runs away from home at night (Mother doesn't want him joining the military), has to sneak around and not get caught by MPs as the city is under curfew for undetermined reasons. Meets Hero Girl, undergoes training at Shinra (WRO) Academy. She hates him at first because she's kind of a bitch and he's kind of a dork, but warms up to him after some typical anime shit where he helps her or they're put in the same squad or something.

-Cool set piece: During a training exercise/mission on a stormy night (lol), Hero Boy gets lost and has to face a Behemoth alone. He's injured and gets saved by a *mysterious figure with a big sword* silhouetted by lightning in the storm. Spoiler: It's Cloud. XD Hero Boy either wakes up after being rescued by the Shira (WRO) forces, but the mysterious figure is nowhere to be seen, or in Cloud's hut and recovers there, but Cloud doesn't join the party permanently yet. In this second scenario, Hero Girl and Hero Boy are separated for a time, this opens up the possibility for Hero Boy to meet Pilot Girl as a potential second love interest before they are reunited.

-At some point it must be established that there is political turmoil or the world is in danger, because why else are these soldiers running around the world fighting monsters? It's a monster problem. They're glorified exterminators or something. XD

-In the ruins of Midgar a benevolent secret cult is discovered. They worship Aerith as a messiah, perhaps rightly so? They follow the way s of the Ancients, however inaccurately that may be. Anyway, you learn magic and stuff from them. Maybe you meet Magic Guy/Jakob there, maybe not.

-The party meets Cloud again on the mountain. They see the Buster Sword and realize he was the hero from back in the day. They inform him that the world is in danger and he takes up arms again to fight the good fight.

-I need more villains and stuff, but basically this is established: Remember Jenova, that alien that caused all that shit to happen thousands (and hundreds) of years ago? Well, there wasn't just one of them. They're a race. And they're coming for you. And it's up to you to stop them. At this point in the world space flight is a regular thing, so one of the highlights sees our heroes fighting an epic space battle against shape-shifting aliens. It's pretty awesome. This could expain the monsters. It's the Lunar Cry! Lol, it's obvious I was quite obsessed with FFVIII at the time too.

-Cloud makes the *ULTIMATE SACRIFICE* to defeat the forces of evil. lol. I dunno how or anything about the circumstances, but he does. Maybe. Not sure if I want him to die at the end anymore. We already had Auron do that. XD

That's all I can think of for now! Some of these were pretty fun ideas, there's a lot of cliche stuff but I think it would've been a fun game or fanfic. Hope you guys were entertained a bit at least!

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