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Square Announces Final Fantasy: Time

By Laz, April 1st, 1999

Square has announced a new Final Fantasy game in development. However, instead of a brand new adventure taking place in an unknown, mystical world of magic and intrigue, it takes place in familiar territories... several of them. Final Fantasy: Time offers something different than a sequel or spin off of another series. It places Final Fantasy VII protagonists Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart in a whirlwind of adventure, through time, sending them through various Final Fantasy titles of the past.

After the events of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud and Tifa eventually develop a relationship and settle down in Nibelheim. However, something strange brews at the old reactor in the mountains behind the town, which was believed to have been shut down and abandoned following the dissipation of Shinra. Cloud and Tifa investigate, discovering a curious and mysterious energy. Suddenly, a strange time vortex opens beneath them and pulls them through time.

Final Fantasy II (IV Japan)
Cloud and Tifa find themselves in the land of Baron, trapped in the world of Final Fantasy IV. After regaining their composure, Tifa and Cloud take refuge at the cafe in Castle Baron's neighboring town. Cloud contemplates the situation while Tifa complains of her unrosy complexion.

After several hours of gameplay and stories, Cloud and Tifa discover the energy which brought them back through time has somehow been fused into them. They can only hope it's a matter of time before they're brought back to the world of Final Fantasy VII. However, their hopes are shattered when Cloud mysteriously vanishes, leaving Tifa to remain in the world of Final Fantasy IV alone.

Final Fantasy V
Cloud awakes to find himself in the later era of Final Fantasy V. To add insult to injury, he has arrived without Tifa. Remaining calm, Cloud sets out to seek the future. During his adventure, he runs into a young boy named Butz. Doubtful of Cloud's story that he's from the future, Cloud threatens to Omnislash him and steal his chocobo if he doesn't offer assistance. The young boy agrees and they both run off in search for Cloud's future together. During their quest, Cloud encounters several travelers in search of the wind. Finding the group to be a bunch of insane hipsters, Cloud eventually parts from the group and vanishes through time.

Final Fantasy III (VI Japan)
Tifa's time alone in Final Fantasy IV is relatively brief as she is suddenly pulled several eras ahead to the world of Final Fantasy VI. Being tossed outside of an icy, cold, mining town, Terra and Locke rescue Tifa from Narshe guards. The three team up and battle monsters throughout their travels to Figaro. Once safe inside the castle, both Terra and Tifa discover a somewhat different threat.

Final Fantasy
Another violent yank through time pulls Cloud to a different Final Fantasy world. But instead of getting closer to his own time, Cloud discovers himself to be further in the past. Teaming up with three orphans on a strange quest to redeem themselves of their social awkwardness, Cloud can only pray he'll return home safely and that his lost love Tifa is safe. Due to the historic culture of the era, Cloud is forced to walk among his peers as Clod.

Square plans on releasing more screenshots of Final Fantasy: Time in the near future. As more news develops on this release, you'll be sure to find it at Final Fantasy Online.

Oh yeah, April Fools.


04.25.2012 3:17pm

Hahaha, I love "Clod" and the FF1 character limit.

03.20.2012 4:55am

Laz totally called Dissidia

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