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The Quintessential RPG and Gaming Community is Back

By Dh, April 25th, 2012

From 1997 to 2002, before there were wiki's and billion-dollar social networking sites, Final Fantasy Online was one of the most popular Final Fantasy fan sites on the Internet. Featuring a plethora of information on the series' game titles and an interactive discussion forum, Final Fantasy Online boasted a thriving community. However, as times and the Internet have changed, the site and many like it have slowly faded from existence. Although a finite number of members kept the discussions going, the site itself hadn't been seriously updated in nearly a decade. As of December of 2011, the vBulletin forum software running on the server succumbed to a hack that effectively killed the only remaining active part of the site, stranding the last remnants of the community.

Hence, we are proud to announce the launch of Final Fantasy Society, a rebirth of the Final Fantasy Online community. This project is a revitalization of a community that includes RPG and gaming fans alike, giving them a place to stay connected through. As we say goodbye to our former home, we will not forget the rich history of Final Fantasy Online and will populate our news archives with some of the great featured written works and unforgettable April Fool's jokes over the coming weeks.

Along with the ever-so-popular discussion forum, Final Fantasy Society will offer gaming news and information. We're still building various areas of the site, but we encourage you to join us for the ride. You needn't have any interest in Final Fantasy, RPGs, or even games in general to participate. There's plenty of inane banter to go around.

We are extremely grateful and appreciate the community's continued support and look forward to another ten years of hearty debates, conversations, and shenanigans.


Soul Hunter
11.01.2012 7:15pm


05.11.2012 4:37pm

Love being home.

Indiana Jerico
05.05.2012 10:31am

We have cookies!

05.03.2012 7:35am

Dh, buddy! Glad to see life given back to the site. I thought it going to see tumbleweeds forever. Funny thing, I was thinking to myself the same thing a few weeks ago, that fan pages were slowly becoming extinct due to wikis and social networks. I hope you'll retain the domain, otherwise I'm sure someone will get a hold of it and use it spread the word on shoes and sexual tyrannosaurus pills.

05.03.2012 4:41am

Looks great. Glad to see the spirit of the FFO community still lives on after so many years. My first online family... so is this like a family reunion?

05.02.2012 7:16am

I found myself browsing a gaming site this evening on the recommendation of a friend. This inevitably led me to search for any news pertaining to Final Fantasy on said site. After listening to a couple tracks from the FFX soundtrack it dawned on me I had not been to FFOnline in some time. I was disappointed to see that there was no activity, but a post just over a week ago in the forums caught my attention, and voilĂ ! Long story unnecessarily longer, I'll have to thank my friend for the gaming site tip as it led me here, a community I'm glad to see up and running again. Congrats, and I hope you're here for another decade plus.

05.01.2012 9:47am

Amazing work, after so many attempts to get it done.

Big Tall
04.29.2012 12:53pm

About time we're proud to announce something!

04.28.2012 6:23am

How awesome is it? So awesome.

04.27.2012 2:46am

Oh snap we're doing it live! What a homecoming.

Dr Squirrel
04.26.2012 7:11pm

when's the ffx section getting finished

04.26.2012 1:17am

The site's front-end looks great, too. It's amazing to see how the color scheme of the site from so goddamned long ago still holds up, even if tweaked just so.

04.26.2012 1:16am


04.25.2012 11:57pm

Everything is looking great, I'm glad to still be a part of this community!

04.25.2012 11:03pm

Long live FFO!

04.25.2012 7:37pm

My boner has an erection!

04.25.2012 6:12pm


04.25.2012 5:32pm

Cool. Coolcoolcool. Thanks for everything you've done (and continue to do), Dh!

04.25.2012 5:07pm

Yay!! Everything looks awesome! Great work Dh! :D

04.25.2012 5:04pm

Beta test is over!

04.25.2012 5:03pm

Thanks, Dh.

...and a happy rebirth to all.

04.25.2012 4:46pm


And this page is one of the few passwords that I can always remember right off the top of my head - that's how I prioritize it!

04.25.2012 4:13pm

Thank you, Dh. This looks amazing. I still can't believe we moved onto this site a short while before the hack struck.

04.25.2012 3:28pm

So awesome! Gonna spread the word now that we are open for business. :D

04.25.2012 3:17pm

Holy crap! A news page! Shweeet.

And we're live! Shweeeet.

04.25.2012 3:15pm

Awesome! Good work, Dh!

04.25.2012 1:05pm

Thanks, Dh. Everything is looking great!

04.25.2012 12:56pm

Glad to be a new part of the community from the get-go. An amazing amount of dedication and effort has been put into building this place, so I'd like to thank Dh and anyone who was involved :)

04.25.2012 9:48am

Good to be back :)

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