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The Force Awakens

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 04.21.2016 9:27pm

World Warrior 21007

That's already been hinted at for a while:

In fact, when some asshole complained to John Boyega himself on Instagram about the possibility, he had a rather epic response to it:

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 04.21.2016 9:52pm

Registered Member

Rhaegar said:

That's already been hinted at for a while:

The comment thread below that article is just amazing...

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 04.22.2016 12:49pm

Dr. Fantabulous

Reading a book right now as sleepy time reading, and came across this:

I thought the Return of the Jedi portion was quite prophetic.  

"Well, your brain seems to work a little bit." -- Rune Walsh, Phantasy Star IV.

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 04.23.2016 7:42pm

A mental Dentist's office

Finn + anyone is possible.

But yes, when we saw the movie the first time Finn+Poe was on our minds. Finn+Rey gets an honorable mention.

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