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FFS Time Capsule

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 11.14.2011 3:19pm
Thread Creator

Formerly known as 'Trekster'

I don't know what your previous username was Sei'taer, but, Sanna, yours is up in my original post.

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 11.14.2011 3:22pm


I seem to remember there being a forum hiccup when I posted, ergo, I cbf'd this whole thing.

anyway, le questions.

d'ya move out?
How is the ~project~ going?
Have you written anything recently?

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 11.15.2011 1:48am

The King's orders are absolute

Didn't do this last time. So, Fenix ver. 2012,

did you find a job somewhere else yet?
If so, does it pay enough for you to afford healthcare/insurance, a new(er) car, to go back to school, and/or your own place?
Have you finally written something even remotely publishable yet? I thought so, fanfics and the Eternity stuff are all good and fun and work for practice, but you need to make some money off of this, even if it's just short stories on
Any relationships? Do you even care at this point?

Let's Play Chrono Trigger
Let's Play The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Let's Play Final Fantasy VI

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 11.15.2011 2:13am


grey_haven said:

I don't know what your previous username was Sei'taer, but, Sanna, yours is up in my original post.

It was seitaer

Old FFO didn't allow apostrophes in usernames.

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 11.17.2011 12:15am

lawyer girl

Dear future me:

1.  Have you moved out of Redneckistan yet?
2.  Have you found a decent dude yet?
3.  Have you made Phoenix Wright look like a poser in comparison to your legal skills?


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 12.08.2011 10:43pm

Time Travelling White Mage

I find it interesting that the first sample that Trek copied and pasted from the old thread on FFO was my one. I feel honoured. :D

Enki of 2012:

Are you still living at home with Tim?
Is Mum still living in Albany?
Did 'you-know-who' stop being a dick and finally replied to your messages?
Did G finally move in with you?
Have you found a job?
Did you finally manage to pay off that government debt that's been hanging over your head for the past four years?
Logic and reason is prevailing and the world isn't coming unglued and dissolving around you right?

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 12.08.2011 11:28pm

Night Star

Rinoa of 2012:

Gotten used to a new last name?
Do you have your dream house?
Are your health problems getting better?
How ripped are you now?
What grade level pieces are you doing on Harp?
Did your ballet gang level up?
Has versus 13 even come out yet?


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 12.08.2011 11:34pm

So Sigh Ety

Dear me,

Yo, did you get into the masters program you wanted? And did you manage to do most of your whole app process in ONE week you procrastinator?? but it still worked out?

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 12.15.2011 1:35am


Dear 2012,

Did you finally visit China?
Getting close to finishing your doctorate?
In good enough health to not spend all your money on medical bills?

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 12.16.2011 7:10am

Dr. Fantabulous

Hey 2012,

Did you finish chapter 5?
Did you ever figure out what to do about David?  
Did you settle where you're moving to?
Have you run another marathon?
Did you get to Japan?

"Well, your brain seems to work a little bit." -- Rune Walsh, Phantasy Star IV.

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 12.16.2011 7:58pm

Big Tall
Taller Than Tall

Dear future me,

How's the ticker holding up?
Have you finally moved on to a better apartment?
Has the career stalled?
Did you finally manage to put on some weight?
Still single?

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 10.24.2012 2:19am
Thread Creator

Formerly known as 'Trekster'

For me in 2012:
So the world is going to end soon. That's gotta suck, eh?

Oh yeah...I forgot about that. If the world were to end. I guess I'm going out the way I went in...with utter indifference.

I've got a feeling that this comming year is my year, so I won't ask if you have a girlfriend. I'll ask how awesome is she? girlfiend. This is not your year, my friend. You like a girl and she is pretty awesome, but...yeah, probably not gonna happen.

Have you seen a ghost yet?
The more paranormal investigating I've done, the more convinced I become that the whole thing is made up. That's not to say you're not gonna see some weird things this upcomming year. You are, but nothing at all conclusive.

How was that Batman movie everybody is talking about?
Good, not great.

What awesome things to I have to look forward to this year, besides the aforementioned girlfriend?
Hmm... not that great of a year, honestly. A therapist is going to diagnose you with mild to moderate depression. You'll meet an amazing person, like I mentioned above, but like all girls, she'll make it clear that dating is off the table. She'll help you, though, and teach you some valuable lessons. But with how reclusive she can get on occasion the whole thing will feel kinda 50/50. There is one bright week you're going to have this year, though and I'll go into it in your next question.

Also a year ago you resolved to travel more, even if it was by yourself. Did that happen?
It did! You went to New York City all by yourself. And it will be an amazing experience for you. For one week, all the sadness and depression you feel will go away. And here's why. You'll be busy. You'll be rushing here and rushing there, wanting to see it all and you simply won't have time to wallow. It's different then busying yourself up with theater or what not. So congratulations on making that happen. You should travel more.

Trek 2013:
So...did you make any more big trips like the one to NYC?
How was performing at the medieval faire?
Still in Oklahoma?
What's the greatest thing I have to look forward to in this next year?
Still single?
Hope you managed to turn your situation around somehow.

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 10.24.2012 5:47am

Time Travelling White Mage

*Jumps through the Historia Crux to Enki's House circa 2011*

Enki of 2012:

Are you still living at home with Tim? Sadly yes. I'm probably going to be here for quite a while yet. *sigh*
Is Mum still living in Albany? Nope. The owner of the house she was renting decided to sell up, meaning bye-bye tenancy. And she couldn't find another place in time. So, yeah, she's back here in Perth. But she's found full-time work so her mind and heart are occupied enough which is a good thing.
Did 'you-know-who' stop being a dick and finally replied to your messages? Eventually, after about a month or so. But it's getting to the point now I'm starting to think nothing is going to come from that. *sigh*
Did G finally move in with you? Not yet. Maybe by December.
Have you found a job? Kinda. I've started helping Tim out staffing the minature railway at the wildlife park he belongs to. It's fun and all but it doesn't pay much naturally (plus it's only very occassional). At least the job agency I'm now with is actually doing things to help me find better work  so I'm optimistic, unlike the last useless mob.
Did you finally manage to pay off that government debt that's been hanging over your head for the past four years? Not quite, but nearly there - finally reached the 'less than 1k remaining' mark so I'm on the home stretch! Should be all done by next February hopefully. Then I can finally tell that mob of monkies in suits where to go! ;)
Logic and reason is prevailing and the world isn't coming unglued and dissolving around you right? Haven't seen any seven-headed dragons rising in the east or wolves devouring the sun yet so that's good. :p Yeah, everything is fine. But then I guess we'll find out soon enough.

*Jumps back into the Historia Crux and emerges back in 2012.*

Now, for Enki of 2013

The world hasn't ended right?
Did you finally stop being a chicken and get those damn teeth pulled?
What's happening with 'a certain person-who-shall-remain-nameless'?
Do you have your driver's license yet?
Did you take that trip to Sydney like you planned?
Have you started making headway in your other debts?
Is Mum still living with you and Tim?
How is the 'art project' going? You know, the Western?
Have you started working on, 'the other project'? You know what that is.
Did you find a good paying job other than wildlife park train conductor?
How are FFXI Seekers of Aodulin, FFXIII-3, FFXIV 2.0, FFvsXIII and FFXV? (Okay, I kid about those last two, but, you never know!) ;)

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 10.24.2012 6:29am

Winter Knight of the Unseelie Court

To answer your questions, 2011 me, no, I am not out of debt.  I did pay of a high balanced, high intrest rate card, though, so yay!

To the 2013 version of me, has the world ended?  If yes, is it do to Time Traveling Zombie Bananas?

If not, how's life?  is it any good?  Do you have a better paying job?  How much closer to being out of debt are you?  And finally, did you get a new car, and if so, what was it?

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 10.24.2012 7:09am

World Warrior 21007

Dear future me:

Are you still single?
Have you moved out of Tennessee, finally, like you said you would for the last 10 years?
Are you any closer to being out of debt?
Are you finally either in a job you like, or in graduate school, or law school?
Did you finally get off your lazy ass and start working toward a killer body?
Did you finally get cats?

Rhaegar c. 2012

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