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FFS Time Capsule

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 04.07.2016 6:42pm
Thread Creator

Formerly known as 'Trekster'

What the touch of a woman felt like?

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 04.11.2016 2:37am

Capital M before egz

Similar to the touch of a man, fingers are generally smaller and skin is generally smoother but if you find a small man who moisturises you won't notice a difference.

Sugar. Short AND sweet.

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 10.01.2016 4:19pm

Why? Because I can of course!

^Note: I'm laughing until I cry about that one, especially with the signature:;(

Okay, lets give this a try:

-To Plumbum of 2017:

-Are you still technically homeless? 

-Have you thrown out the people in your life you don't want in it yet?

-How is saving?

-Have you forwarded the goals of pursuing art?

-How much charity have you done?

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 11.09.2016 6:06am
 (Edited on 11.09.2016 at 9:35am)

Time Travelling White Mage

Wow, time sure does fly....

Now, for Enki of 2016:

How are you? How were the test results? What caused that illness you experienced?

Not bad - the test results came back the day or so after you wrote that negative, that is, there was nothing wrong at all, which was a huge relief. The doctor just chalked it up to a viral infection, as within a few days you finally started feeling much better. Given the fact that you got ill with the flu and colds a few times throughout the year, you believed it.

Have you finally started the treatment yet? Did you finally change your name? Are you getting dressed up and going out much?

Not yet sadly. Money problems are the big issue as always, the job market here in WA has tanked due to the Second Boom going bust, and your lack of recent work experience has not helped matters, which are made worse by your situation - employers don't know how to deal with you and simply pass you over. But you are working on the name change, it's just navigating the red tape just to register it that is holding you up. But you've been dressing up frequently to job interviews and stuff (and getting constant compliments too!) so that is a start.

How is the family? Are they still divided? Is 'dickwad' still married to Tamyna or has justice been served to him finally?

The family are... well... normal. Tamyna is still deterioating, her MS is progressign rapidly, thus she has her good days and her days where she just loses it. Not helped by Jaylon being an absolute monster in more ways than one (he's mischievous like all toddlers are but it's worse as he's such a solid baby, even you and Mum struggle to pick him up due to his build, Tamyna simply cannot usually) which is only wearing down on her already heavily stressed body. And no, dickwad is still bound to her and causing her grief. But things are so so, so I can't complain too much.

What happened with your studies? Did you manage to complete Cert IV and are now onto the Diploma? Did you actually get that job/start working at the Freedom Centre like you wanted?

TAFE went nowhere - you had to give it up as one unit in particular got a little too close to home and you just couldn't deal with it. And alas the Freedom Centre seems to have shut down due to funding cuts sadly. So you're back on the dole queue looking for work, which, despite some promising leads from Coles mostly, you haven't found anything yet. At least your job agency is actually doing things for you which is a change.

Is G living there finally?

Haahahahahahah! Oh wow... G? Living with you? No, he will never move out. He's pretty much stuck in a self-made rut that he will never change. So yeah, him moving in has not happened, and most likely will not happen.

Any info on the second FFXIV expansion yet? How is the Heavensward storyline developing?

Yes! FFXIV Stormblood is it's name, and we're finally heading to Enki's birthplace (Ala Mhigo)! Time to liberate it from those Garlean dogs! ;) Really though, apart from a vague trailer of Derplander as MNK and some artwork and screenshots, little is actually known about it. But we'll find out more probably in the next few months. And Heavensward is developing in an interesting way.... albiet one that disappointed you (SE seem to be falling back on the FFXI Wings of the Goddess/Abyssea idea of 'parallel universes and alternate histories', but you did get to beat up an evil Mirror-version of Derplander and his party, so that was great fun at least). Either way, FFXIV is going from strength to strength so it's a great time to be a part of it!

How was Distant Worlds ~ A New World? Did you dress up for it? How did G like it?

A New World was AMAZING. It was virtually a sell out show to your delight, you saw some people in costume (including one guy in a full moogle costume!), and Arnie's arrangements were awesome (especially Ivalice Landscape, Danger Lurking in the Forest and, most surprisingly, Selbina ;)). G did not come with you though, as expected, so Shaydon went instead with you (Jayce came as well, but he bought his own ticket, to Ashleigh's chagrin :p). You didn't dress up though, mostly due to the humidity that night, you just wore dress pants and your old (but still in reasonable condition) FFIX t-shirt, and you fitted right in amongst the rest of Perth's surprisingly large FF fandom. :) Anyway, because of how successful it was, you are hopeful that Distant Worlds may one day come to Perth too (a real longshot, but you never know!).

Now, for Enki of 2017

How is your treatment going? Epilation done? Did you finally get an appointment with the endocrinologist? Did you finally clear out your wardrobe with new styles all your own?
How is the family? What is happening with Tamyna? Did she... you know... Is she going to be going into a care facility like we all think she should be in?
How are you getting through those debts? Do you have a job yet?
How is FFXV and Stormblood? Also, how is you-know-who? It's your tenth anniversary this year, that's scary!
How is the world situation? As you write this things were on a knife edge in the US election but looks likely the worst case scenario was happening. Please don't tell me things have gone to hell in a handbasket?

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 11.11.2016 4:04pm
Thread Creator

Formerly known as 'Trekster'

So, it was supposed to be China this year. How was it?

China was  cool, you should go. The Great Wall and Forbidden City were of course interesting, but surprisingly Xi'an was the best stop of the trip. You should totaly book more time there and less time in Shanghai. All three are cool though. A return trip five or so years down the line sounds likely.

Did you manage to extrapolate yourself from Denver this time around?
Nah. I have an idea of where I'd like to go, now, but family keeps guilting me into staying. The dating market is tough in Denver. Everyone is into weed or snowboarding. It would be nice to go someplace with a better demographic.

How does Star Wars 7 rank now that it's been out for a while?
It's great, no joke. Get ready to board the hype train!

How about Civil War?
Also great. I watched it once on an airplane too. And if a movie is good on an airplane, it's good anywhere. Much better than that Batman v Superman garbage.

What was your biggest accomplishment in 2016?
Managed to go to both China and Canada in one year. Montreal is a really cool city.

Biggest surprise of 2016?
I guess that she who shall not be named is back in your life for better or worse. She makes such poor choices. It's really sad to see. I wish she'd trust me.

Episode 8, baby?
So, President Trump... what's that like?
You've only had 2 dates in 2016, how did 17 shape out?
¿Cómo estuvo México?
Final Fantasy XV or Persona 5?
Anything in 2017 I need to look out for?

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 11.14.2016 8:11am

Capital M before egz

Post now while the internet still works and the power is on. Curse these earthquakes and aftershocks FUCK!

What did you end up doing? Finding full time work? Contracting out to a number of people and having flexibiltiy?  

The OP offered you a contracting arrangement that was physically repulsive and you told them as much. Then we got dicked about by a couple of recruiting firms, and in the end had a whole heap of temp stuff, interviews and other bits lined up - you took a risk, turned down some very average temp work and managed to land a fixed term contract which turned into permanent work after a few hiccups. The job is excellent and pays very well. Good job!

Did you happen across some money? 

Only your redundancy my friend. On the bright side you did manage to wipe all of your debts (bar your into/out of overdraft) woohoo, go you.

Did you buy a house? 

No, we're looking at it, we have a solid deposit but the market is mental right now. Tossing up between getting a piece of land and building and purchasing around our acceptable areas.  

How's Arlo doing? When did he start sleeping through the night? 

It took over 400 nights but he eventually did it. We would have gone insane if he hadn't. Such is life. He's not too bad with sleeping but has had a few wonky nights every now and then.

What was the highlight/lowlight of the past 12 months?

Highlight, paying off the student loan and scoring the permanent job. It's given a lot of financial security. Lowlight - it feels like right now. 7.5 quake last night was horrendous, there was a tsunami warning and you woke up to civil defence sirens and many a frantic call, txt and notification telling you to get the fuck out of dodge. Thankfully the wave was only 0.5m and didn't even get to the sea wall but you shot up to your brothers place with family in tow.

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 12.15.2016 3:44pm

*pointy glasses not included

Tell me something good, 2016 Spoony!
Ugh.  I'll try.

-NOW, have you sold anything?  You at least sent one of them out into the world, right?
Yeah... about that...  I've been revising and sending them back to the coverage site, but nothing is really up to snuff yet.  This isn't easy.   But, as they say, nothing worthwhile really is.  One of the scripts did make the site's Top 3 for July and get featured on their main page.  So that's something.

-Made a short film yet?  Don't tell me I bought/built all that equipment for nothing!
Yeah... about that...  The people you were working with skipped town.  Now I have to try and figure out something I can write and shoot basically by myself.

-Just how awesome have you become at the new character job?
Pretty awesome, actually.  People seem to really like my character voice, and I'm pretty good with the one-liners.

-Miss CrazyAwesome still around?  Obstacles gone?
Yes, and yes as of a few weeks ago.  She and her kid are staying with you now, and it's... weird in some ways, but great in others.

-Yearly Mom progress report?
Yeah... about that...   Remember how confident those doctors were about her cancer?  They shouldn't have been.  I miss her.

-Donald Trump didn't fucking win, did he?
Yeah... about that...

2017 Spoony, I have no idea what to even ask you at this point.
Screenplay progress?
Filmmaking progress?
Miss CrazyAwesome?
Work still going well?
Did you think of some new adventure to get into?

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 12.15.2016 4:18pm


Spoony said:

Tell me something good, 2016 Spoony!
Ugh.  I'll try.

*standing ovation*

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 12.16.2016 3:26am

I know how they work

Lexx said:

Alright, now questions for future Lexx:

Did you bite the bullet and move on from work?

Has your social life improved?

Did The Force Awakens live up to the hype?

1.  You sweet, naive child.  No, I'm still there.  This year has been particularly draining though, so hopefully that will knock me out of my creature of habit-mood.

2.  Yes?  Work still uses up most of my time, but I've made a concerted effort to go out more.

3.  Yes and no.  When I first saw it I loved it, but since then, with time to reflect, it's fallen a bit in my eyes.

Now!  Questions for 2017 Lexx:

1.  You HAVE to have a new job by now.  Please don't let me down, future me.

2.  How was Tiny Hands' first year in office?

3.  Did you make any progress in your backlog of games and comics?

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 04.12.2017 6:00pm

Why? Because I can of course!

Plumbum said:

^Note: I'm laughing until I cry about that one, especially with the signature:;(

Okay, lets give this a try:

-To Plumbum of 2017:

-Are you still technically homeless?

-Have you thrown out the people in your life you don't want in it yet?

-How is saving?

-Have you forwarded the goals of pursuing art?

-How much charity have you done?

-No! I now live in an actual house!!! Whooo!

-Getting thre

-*Rolleyes* I have to get paid an hourly wage...:(

-I actually am teaching it... I know...

-I do what I can.

2017 Questions:

1) Are you still living in a home?

2)Still painting?

3)How is Mom?

4)Did you get to intern at that wood working place?

5)How is saving?

6)Are you macking on fine honeys yet?

7)Start that blog poor man..

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 11.09.2017 8:09pm
Thread Creator

Formerly known as 'Trekster'

Episode 8, baby? - Episode 8, baby!
So, President Trump... what's that like? - It's not great. Not great. I mean the stock market has taken a surge, so there's that, but he's just about as abysmal a president as I imagined him to be.
You've only had 2 dates in 2016, how did 17 shape out? - I had one. The girl seemed to be rather into me, but I didn't really feel anything. It was kinda weird being on the other side of that fence, trying to nicely tell someone I'm not interested.
¿Cómo estuvo México? - Muy bien. No danger, really cool ruins. Definitely a worthwhile trip.
Final Fantasy XV or Persona 5? - Persona 5. XV had a decent story, but way to short. The length of the game is filled with endless fetch quests. Sad thing is another pass and I think it could have been fantastic. Persona 5 on the otherhand is still taking what existed before it and adding depth to it.
Anything in 2017 I need to look out for? - I dunno. It's just been more of the same, really. There's no such thing as skipping a chapter and having everything be great.

You were pretty into this girl at film club a year ago. Anything happen there?
So did Luke turn out to be evil?
How was Deutschland?
Didn't look like to much domestic traveling would be happening this year. What did you manage?
Still at your company?

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 11.12.2017 7:53am

Capital M before egz

Oh shit on a dick, I didn't leave myself any questions what sort of bollocks is that?!

Okay old me - quick updates.

We bought a house! It was just on the cusp of what we could comofrtably afford and it's working out pretty damn well - apart from the bog in the backyard, that's a bastard that will need draining. Sophie has promised you a bog gnome.

We've got a little guy on the way due in March. Woohoo, go you.

You started a new job (again!) this time on the dark side of tertiary education (ITO) well done you, it pays even more betterer you're making a good name for yourself again and rocking it like it' no big thing.

Jacinda Ardern won the election (who saw that coming 12 months ago!) it was a half-hearted win with a devils threesome with NZ first and the Greens but hey it'll do for someone left leaning. 

So 2018 me:

How's the new little one?

How's the older little ones?

How's the house, did you get a bog gnome, start any kind of renos?

Is the job alright because at the moment while it's a good gig, it's not a great gig.

How's the country faring? The dollar dropped a little after Labour got in, and they're promising pretty big on spending on social issues.

How's North Korea, still there, or a lake of fire? 

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 11.13.2017 10:04pm

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

Jaran said:

Jaran: are you still at your current job? I mean, congrats on finally escaping the hole you were in but is your current position still working out/continuing, or did you manage to successfully maneuver your way to hopefully still-better things?

Oh damn I let this sit awhile.

Sadly that position didn't work out and I spent 2 months drifting in the sea of unemployment. Then they took me back for 4 months. Then back out to sea for another 6. Now I'm in a stable gig but may need to look for other opportunities in the new year.

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